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Lasagna Harry Potter Style

Lasagna Harry Potter Style

#PotterMonth is coming to an end, so to send it out in style we decided to do what we do...

Absolutely Fabulous Feature

Movie Review: Absolutely Fabulous

Ever since they announced that Absolutely Fabulous was coming to the big screen, I have been waiting very impatiently waiting....

Tipsy Toast - Emily Rose Art

A Toast to Emily Rose

Who is surprised that we are back for the third week with a Tipsy Toast? Yeah, us too! We are...

Elevenses - Slytherins

Elevenses: Slytherins & American Wizardry

While not the least talked about house, the Slytherins do tend to get the least amount of love. Thanks to some...

Tipsy Toast - Elizabeth Cady Stanton

A Toast To Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Welcome back for another Tipsy Toast. Each week we send out our love and accolades for the kickass women that inspire...

The Infiltrator Movie Review

Movie Review: The Infiltrator

Bryan Cranston is back (did he really go any where?) and tackling a pseudo biopic about Robert Mazur, the FBI...


Elevenses: Hufflepuff & The Loyal Badgers

We’re continuing our Harry Potter celebration with a Hufflepuff-themed Elevenses. Now, Hufflepuffs are notoriously underrepresented, so some of these are...

harry potter

Harry Potter 101

I can’t imagine there are too many people left on the planet who haven’t read a Harry Potter book, or...

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