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Why I March

Why I March

January 21, 2017. Today I will do something I’ve never done before: I’ll march in a peaceful protest. In solidarity...

The Founder Feature

Movie Review: The Founder

The last time I watched a movie about McDonald’s, I didn’t eat there for almost a year. Unfortunately, that wasn’t...


5 Lessons I Learned In the First 5 Days of 2017

So. You’ve rung in the new year, and it’s time to make those 2017 Resolutions, right? Wrong! It’s time to...


Movie Review: Hidden Figures

I first learned about the women of Hidden Figures from a Stuff Mom Never Told You episode. Being the curious,...


The Musical Measure

In the song “Seasons of Love” from the musical Rent, the cast asks: How do you measure the life Of a woman...


Book Review: A Wedding for Christmas

The Christmas season is upon us and once again I find myself craving fluffy Christmas romance stories. So, you can...


Movie Review: Rogue One

Star Wars doesn’t really have the best track record with prequels and so apprehension around Rogue One was to be...


Animator Malcon Pierce Talks Disney’s Moana

A few weeks ago I was invited to attend a presentation and round table with animator, Malcon Pierce. If you...

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