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Movie Review: The Queen of Katwe

Lately, when I show up to review a Disney film I immediately ask the PR rep if I’m going to...


Book Review: Breaking the Surface

You know how sometimes you start a book series and then get stuck waiting years for the next release? *cough...


Beauty and the Beast Giveaway

Beauty and the Beast has come out of the vault and we’ve lost our minds! Okay, not really, but we did...


Movie Review: Snowden

I sincerely hope that any fellow fans of My Brother My Brother and Me (a highly entertaining podcast) read this entire...


Pokemon: Gotta Catch ‘Em All

We’re back after a brief and unplanned hiatus with an episode we recorded approximately 14 years ago. It’s kind of...

As If Cast - NSYNC


Attention 90’s kids, it’s time to dig out your secret Boy Band memorabilia because we are talking about all things...

Kingsglaive Final Fantasy Feature

Movie Review: Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV

Here’s a fun story: I knew nothing about the Final Fantasy franchise going in to watch Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV....

A Toast to Dena Hill

A Toast to Dena Hill

Yesterday, we told you about the McKinney Classic Film Festival that will be opening tomorrow evening, August 19th.  Today we...

"It's brunch O'Clock somewhere"

-Katie, Resident Punk Pop Princess

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