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Dallas Chamber Symphony_TheKid_Feature

Dallas Chamber Symphony Goes Silent with Charlie Chaplin’s ‘The Kid’

Look, let’s be real, silent film has kind of a reputation for being boring especially among the youths of today....

tyler oakley

Tyler Oakley’s Book, Binge, Is Seriously Amazing

If you don’t know who Tyler Oakley is, you should familiarize yourself as quickly as possible. While in college, Tyler...

Why I March

Why I March

January 21, 2017. Today I will do something I’ve never done before: I’ll march in a peaceful protest. In solidarity...

The Founder Feature

Movie Review: The Founder

The last time I watched a movie about McDonald’s, I didn’t eat there for almost a year. Unfortunately, that wasn’t...


5 Lessons I Learned In the First 5 Days of 2017

So. You’ve rung in the new year, and it’s time to make those 2017 Resolutions, right? Wrong! It’s time to...


Movie Review: Hidden Figures

I first learned about the women of Hidden Figures from a Stuff Mom Never Told You episode. Being the curious,...


The Musical Measure

In the song “Seasons of Love” from the musical Rent, the cast asks: How do you measure the life Of a woman...


Book Review: A Wedding for Christmas

The Christmas season is upon us and once again I find myself craving fluffy Christmas romance stories. So, you can...

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