Attention Single Ladies! Today is The Feast of St. Thomas

For those of us singletons who may be in need of some divine intervention, today is the day for you.  Traditionally, The Feast of St. Thomas is celebrated on December 21st and is the day dedicated to completing your Christmas preparations.  I find it extremely fitting that this year the feast falls on the last Saturday before Christmas!  However, you might be wondering what this has to do with being single.  Well, in Austria it is believed that if a woman follows a few simple steps before she goes to bed on the night of The Feast of St. Thomas she will dream about her future husband.

feast of st. thomas


Before I lay out the steps I do want to mention that while I originally learned of this tradition from a Hallmark movie, I have checked several different resources and the tradition seems to be legit.

How to Dream About Your Future Husband on the Feast of St. Thomas:

1. Climb into bed using a step-stool (I guess they traditionally have tall beds in Austria?)

2. Removed your shoes (Maybe the floors are cold there too)

3.  In the Hallmark movie she spins around three times after removing her shoes, however many sources I have found that explain The Feast of St. Thomas ritual exclude this step so it’s your call!

4. Throw the shoes at your bedroom door, toes first

5. Sleep with your head at the foot of the bed

Follow all of these instructions and you may dream of the man you are destined to marry.  Part of me thinks the result could be terrifying, but I may still give it a try.  I don’t necessarily want to be a half-drunk, single bridesmaid for the rest of my life.

If the above method is not to your liking, you may also try selecting a young rooster while a brood of chicks are sleeping.   There is also the English tradition of sleeping with a peeled onion wrapped in a handkerchief under your head.  The thought of having an onion under my head all night sounds disgusting and quite uncomfortable, but to each their own.

I hope this gives you some insight into the wonders that The Feast of St. Thomas may hold.  Be sure to let me know if it works! Happy Dreaming!


If you are a fan of Lifetime and Hallmark movies (or more likely, a person who watches them because they are so bad they are good) then you might enjoy a podcast my friend Stephanie and I do, Lifemark: A Made For TV Movie. Fair warning, we basically go through the movies and talk about all the ridiculous things in them, also this is not family friendly- adult language is used, because we are adults talking about crazy movies.

Lifemark - The Feast of St. Thomas



71 Responses to “Attention Single Ladies! Today is The Feast of St. Thomas

  • Thank you for sharing! I saw this on a movie and definitely plan to try it!

    • Yes! You should definitely try it! My best friend and I did it last year and didn’t have any luck so please tell me if you do!!!

  • I’m going to try it this year too. Did you leave out the spinning or not last year? It’s worth seeing what can be done different or whatever…

  • I tried it last night but dreamed about one of my ex boyfriends. So I do not think it worked. Oh well, it was fun to try though. 🙂

    • I think last time I tried I dreamed about the main male character from Enchanted Inc. #NerdGirlProblems

  • I actually saw this movie last year and made a note to myself to do it this year if I was still single. Hehe I tried this on Sunday and not sure if it worked. It was really weird. Two guys were in my dream, if it did work I think it was the 2nd one that showed up because there was something very distinct about him and the feeling I had when I awoke. I just can’t remember his face though! 🙁 It was fun trying it though and I did the twirl also!

  • Okay, so I tried it, and I KNOW I had a dream but I remember nothing about the actually dream no details, I know who I think was in it but couldn’t say for certain since I don’t actually recall it. I know people that left out the spinning and they had dreams that maybe were more accurate (that they remembered) so maybe next year we should all try again if we’re still single, and leave out the spinning? What do you think?

  • OK Ladies, I just watched the Hallmark movie and this is what was said: Swiss tradition has it that on the night of the Feast of Saint Thomas a spinster can meet her future husband in her dreams.
    First she must step on a stool and get into bed.
    Then, she must stand on her bed and take off she shoes.
    Then (while holding her shoes in her hands) she must spin around tree times and throw her shoes at the door.
    (in the movie she holds her shoes (slippers) in her hands with the toes pointed upward and throws the shoes at the door toes first).
    Finally, she must sleep with her feet on the pillow at the head of the bed.
    If she follows these instructions perfectly, that night she will dream of the man she is destine to marry.
    I hope this helps and good

    • Cosmina
      2 years ago

      I will try it for sure 🙂 it seems so cute and maybe it works lol that would be awesome!

    • Kimberly
      4 months ago

      In the movie, she must sleep at the foot of her bed. It never mentioned her feet being on the pillow. Is the proper way at the head of the bed with her feet on the pillow?

  • Going to do it this year without the spinning!

  • I just thought of something else. On the Feast of Saint Thomas the meal that they had before they went off to bed was made up of Indian food. I wonder if this might also have something to do with anything? Just a though!

  • Annalise
    2 years ago

    I’m not sure if I want to try it out but I will anyways.

  • All the websites that I have gone to on the tradition say that the shoes have the toes pointed down, not up. It is the shortest day of the year and marks the beginning of the Winter Solsta. The house has been cleansed of bad spirits in preparation of Christmas.

  • Yup the time has come again and I am still single!! haha Last year I said I would do it without the spinning, so i may try that!! Will keep y’all posted!!!

  • Hope everyone is trying it again this year! When I tried it last year I added the spinning and didn’t have the best luck. So I’m going to try it this year and leave out the spinning. Anyone else going to do it?

  • Doing it this year too, without the spinning. Will be good to see how we dream 🙂

  • Suelynnk
    2 years ago

    Will try it for the first time tonight, including the spinning.

  • Carolyn
    2 years ago

    I tried it last year and distinctly remember seeing a dark haired man in a chef’s coat. But that was it. I did the spinning but couldn’t remember if shoes were pointed up or down. This year they were pointed up and then I threw them toward the door toes first. I let you know tomorrow what happens!!! Good luck to everyone!

  • Just did this!! We shall see! Saw the Hallmark movie and it was so adorable. I’ve been counting down the days until the 21st!

  • I completely had a dream. And I semi remember hearing a guy’s voice and seeing a guy’s face… But I don’t remember the dream at all! I did the twirly thing! I can’t remember anything about the guy though except for the nagging feeling that he was there.. I can’t remember his face or anything! ?

  • Okay so last year I added the spinning and commented above. This is what I said last year “Okay, so I tried it, and I KNOW I had a dream but I remember nothing about the actual dream, no details, I know who I think was in it but couldn’t say for certain since I don’t actually recall it.”

    This year my situation changed a little. I have a boyfriend, but no engagement or anything so I thought, what the heck I’ll try it anyway. I should probably mention that the guy who was in my dream last year, that I was pretty sure I knew who it was… that’s who my boyfriend is now. Anyway, I left out the spinning this time, to see if there was any difference. Here is what happened. I had 4 dreams! In each one of them was my boyfriend. The first one we were just walking together, the second one we were talking, the third one he was telling me he loved me and wanted to marry me and the 4th one was wedding planning. The conversations were just whispers, I couldn’t hear what was actually being said, but I felt the love.

    I actually enjoyed doing this, and seeing the differences a year has brought, and more than that, trying both ways.

  • Alexandrea
    2 years ago

    I tried this last night. I don’t remember my whole dream. I did see the back of a man, but that is all. I do remember me waking up in the middle of the night and I said a man’s name and fell back to sleep. I do know the man becuase we are good friends. I’m going to have to try again next year. Hopefully I remember everything.

  • I wish i couldve read up On this sooner :/ i will try next year if still single! I think if we believe anything can be possible!

  • I wonder if I can do it now…its after Christmas and not the 21st of December. Urrr

  • Ugh lol I wish I could too!

  • Heidi Carlson
    1 year ago

    In the Hallmark movie Let It Snow , Stephanie had Grady on her mind in the first place so that’s why she dreamed of him. But I think it is cool and I know I will try it . Can’t wait. So Merry Christmas to everyone . And good luck

  • Kavita Kapadia
    1 year ago

    I will be trying again this year!! Never lose faith or hope!! LOL

  • I am watching Let It Snow right now with Cameron Candice Bure! Love this movie!

    • Kimberly Moekle
      1 year ago

      I’m watching Let It Snow right now, and remembered the St. Thomas tradition, too! It really is SO cute in the movie. I tried it the first year this movie came out, but nothing happened. So I’ll try one more time, leave out the spinning this time, just for fun! I do believe in miracles. It can’t hurt! ???

  • Lynnea
    1 year ago

    Well you all I have some exciting news on October 22nd of this year I married the guy that I had my dream about last year, who was also the guy I was pretty sure was in my dream the year before. 🙂

    • Congratulations!!

    • LynnSueK
      1 year ago


    • Claudia
      1 year ago

      Congratulations Lynnea..dont know you but i have read allbyoir soooo happy for you..and thank u for keeping all us posted on what really happened withu it helps many of us believe even more that this is the time of miracles we just have to believe..thank u and many blessings.. 😊😊

  • LaNan DeVazier
    1 year ago

    Watch “Let It Snow” on Hallmark channel to see this Christmas tradition

  • Maryanne
    1 year ago

    I love your movie’s on the hallmark

    • Youssef
      1 year ago

      That’s very Interesting. I am v. envious you guys have something to try and we us guys don’t :(( But I have a friend that will try it this year, I am very excited for her to see the results 🙂

  • I am trying it tonight. I am hopeful 😊

  • Trying it out tonight, not sure if I should do it with the spinning again or without!! and I wonder if it matter if I go to bed after 12??

    • Lynnea
      1 year ago

      maybe try it without the spinning and see if you get a better result. As for the midnight thing I don’t know

      • So I didn’t get in from a friends’ birthday until 2am, and it definitely didn’t work for me! I did notice how they moved the feast to July, so I may try then too! LOL no harm 🙂

  • I tried it last year after seeing Let It Snow with spinning, it didn’t work for me. Will try again tonight but not sure if I want to try spinning again.

    • Lynnea
      1 year ago

      try it without the spinning and see if you get a better result. 🙂

      • Ok so I just did it, I’m in bed now! Sweet dreams! I always do the spinning, it’s fun! Now I did this last year and honestly don’t remember what happened. But now that the Catholic Church moved the feast to July 3rd, I tried it over the summer and definitely dreamt of a man I know, and was pleasantly surprised! Since summer we’ve become good friends so tonight will be interesting to see! I’ll keep you posted!

        • Suelynnk
          1 year ago

          Did you dream of anyone on the 21st?

          • Gail
            1 year ago

            Sue Lynn
            I did dream of the same man I dreamt about in July, which is a little weird but I’ve had various dreams about him all along. It surprises me that I did dream of him. But I would be thrilled if he is the one!

        • Catherine Gentilucci
          3 months ago

          I am going to try it this year to see if it really happens! I will do it without the spinning cuz I get dizzy.

  • Kimberly
    1 year ago

    Ok, I’m going to try it without the spinning !

  • Only_me
    1 year ago

    So… I tried this last year (with the spinning) and nothing happened. Thought I’d give it a go again last night without the spin… it worked! I woke up in the early hours after having a dream about a guy (I secretly like) that I’ve seen around at the company I work at, but I’ve never spoken to him. The problem was, in my dream, although we were a couple, he was horrible to me!!! What does that mean???

  • Thanks for sharing I’m trying totally doing this with my sister tonight

  • enjoyinglife
    8 months ago

    I had no luck either , but it was fun trying this out,

  • Watching “Let it Snow” on Hallmark right now and I have seen it several times before and never realized the Feast of St Thomas until now lol! I wrote the date on my calendar and I am definelty going to try it this year! I have been single for seven years! I think I am going to leave the spinning out!

  • Catherine. Gentilucci
    3 months ago

    I love the Hallmark Christmas movies! I start watching them as soon as they come out!I call the Hallmark Channel the SMC… SAP-ASS MOVIE CHANNEL! I would love to join this group 😊!!

  • Omg okay I’m watching let it snow right now on Hallmark and am so excited to try this next month!! 😆

  • Donna Maria
    3 months ago

    I’m going to try it too! It can’t hurt!
    Good luck to all!!

  • Do you think it matters if you sleep on the couch instead of in a bed?

  • I am definitely going to try this this year. I did it last year, but I didn’t dream of anything at all. But that’s because I remember reading somewhere that you have to go to bed before midnight and fall asleep before midnight. So the reason why I didn’t dream was because I did not fall asleep. 😕 So this month I will definitely try to do everything perfectly AND go to bed before midnight. Also, am I the only one here that is 14?😁

  • Hoping to try it this year (2017) esp as the 21st is my birthday!!! Rx

  • Is this done on the night before the 21st or the night of the 21st??

  • Getting ready for bed now! Can’t wait to try it

    • Isn’t it the 22? I wanted to try it threats few years, but always forgot.

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