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Late To The Party: ‘Toy Story 3′

I know.  I am the worst Disney fan ever, but let me explain.  I did not watch Toy Story 3 when it originally came out because all of my friends kept telling me how it made them cry.  Normally I am all for a good cry fest, but when it came to my favorite rag-tag group of toys I knew I wouldn’t be able to handle the tears.  So I just avoided the movie like it was my life’s mission.

As my family, Letty, and I plan for our upcoming trip to Disney World we have been revisiting our favorite Disney films.  While watching the first and second Toy Story movies, I decided that it was time I tackled the third.  Putting aside the fears that have plagued me for three years, I finally watched the film.  I am so mad that I did not watch it sooner.

Not only was the movie amazing, it may be my favorite of the three.  For this reason, I have come up with five reasons to watch Toy Story 3 (in case there are others that have shied away from the movie due to the potential outcome of the story):

1.  Andy Is College Bound

This may not seem like a huge selling point for most people, but as a still relatively recent college graduate it was a story line that hit home.  The first Toy Story movie came out when I was eight, and the third came out the year I graduated college.  For those of you around my same age it will be the perfect full circle ending to the films and our childhood.

2. Most Of Your Favorites Are Back

I say most because a few characters that I always loved did not return for the third installment, but their absence is explained. However, Woody and Buzz are definitely back and better than ever.  They are also joined by Jessie, Hamm, Slink, The Potato Heads, and my favorite Rex!

 Late To The Party: Toy Story 3
Image Courtesy of Disney / Pixar Films.

3. The Main Villain Is Not Human

While you will spend a good amount of time mad at Andy and his family for considering abandoning the toys, they are not the villains.  Nope, this time around Andy’s toys are threatened by none other than another toy.  This toy vs. toy plot  is a fresh twist to the series, and it actually lends itself even more to the story line that explains the fate of unwanted toys.

4.  Barbie Finds a Ken

I’m sure about 2 boys who ever watched this film cared that Barbie met her man, but as a former Barbie lover I was so excited to see the introduction of Ken.  Let me just tell you that he is perfectly portrayed.  Voiced by Michael Keaton, Ken is as vapid and shallow as you ever imagined him being.  It is wonderful.

 Late To The Party: Toy Story 3
Image Courtesy of Disney / Pixar Films.

5.  You Will Cry

That’s right, my biggest fear about Toy Story 3 has become one of the reasons I recommend that you watch it.  There are several parts that will turn on the water works, but these moments are mostly brought about because you realize how attached you’ve become to Andy’s toys.  Without giving anything away, I will tell you that you will not be disappointed or heartbroken by the end of the movie.

After watching Toy Story 3 I became increasingly glad that most of my old toys are now in my nieces’ toy corner at my parent’s house.  I am actually surprised by how much they love to play with toys that are 20+ years old.  My eldest niece, who has approximately 9,000 Barbies, loves to set up my old Barbie stuff and doesn’t even care that several of them have elastic bands melted into their hair or clothes that are circa 1996.  The fact that they don’t really ever go out of style as long as someone plays with them is the great thing about toys, and it is the main reason why I love the Toy Story movies.  If you haven’t given Toy Story 3 a shot, you definitely should!

 Late To The Party: Toy Story 3
What happens when your niece plays with your old Barbies and your iPhone.

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 Late To The Party: Toy Story 3


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 Late To The Party: Toy Story 3

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