Disney Dictionary: Decoding Walt Disney World Lingo

I went to college at The University of Texas at Austin, and as anyone who went to school there knows you have to learn a whole new language to navigate the campus. For instance the following sentence is pretty common: “I have to run down to the drag, but I’ll meet you at JCL before we head over to the six pack.” What they mean is “I have to run down to Guadalupe St, but I’ll meet you a the cafeteria in Jester Dorm before we head over to our class in a group of buildings called the six pack.”

What I’m getting at is that I basically got a second education in learning and adapting to lingo, but as I’ve been helping plan our upcoming trip to Disney World I have encountered difficulty keeping all of the Disney lingo straight. If you are new to planning for Disney and like me have turned to blogs and Pinterest you may have encountered a similar problem. Several of the blogs I have found explain what they are talking about but several don’t, so I have compiled a list of common Disneyisms and their meaning, if for no other reason than I myself need an easy reference.

Fastpass: A Fastpass is a pass you can get that reserves you a spot on a popular attraction during a set time frame. This service is free to all park guests, but be warned that only so many Fastpasses are available per ride per day. Currently Disney is testing a new system called Fastpass+ that allows guests staying at a Disney resort to reserve their Fastpasses starting 60 days before their vacation.

Mousekeeping: This is what Disney calls their housekeeping at the Disney resorts. It is customary to tip your Mouskeeper for each day of your visit. From what I’ve read typically you want to leave $1 per person staying in your room. Be sure to leave the tip in an envelope or clearly marked so they don’t think you just left cash lying around.

A cute way to leave Mousekeeping a tip.

A cute way to leave Mousekeeping a tip.

Key to the World: I first came across this term on a blog and I thought the blogger was being sarcastic, but then I realized this is actually what your Walt Disney World ticket is called.

Cast Member: A Cast Member is someone that works for Disney Parks. They wear a variety of costumes and uniforms, but they are usually pretty easy to spot.

Cast Members in Magic Kingdom's Fantasyland

Cast Members in Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland

Memory Maker: This used to be called Photopass+ and it is basically a photo package that you can purchase from Disney World.  The Memory Maker package allows you to use Disney’s photographers to get pictures taken throughout the park.  At the end of your vacation you can download all of your pictures from the Memory Maker website. 

Park Hopper: You can add a Park Hopper to any of your Walt Disney World park tickets. This addition will allow you to visit multiple parks in one day. Great if you are trying to go to certain character dinners in a different park or if you think you might not need a whole day for one park.

Quick Service: Quick Service restaurants are typically cafeteria or counter-service style restaurants. You can make your selection and then sit down to enjoy your meal. Disney also offers dine-in restaurants that usually require a reservation. You do not need reservations for quick service meals.

Magic Your Way: This is an initiative Disney introduced in the early 2000’s that allows guests to pick the park tickets that best fit what they need. Magic Your Way allows you to select the perfect park tickets and resort accommodations for each day of your vacation.

My Magic+: My Magic+ is a new enhanced experience program that Disney is in the process of rolling out.  Using RIFD technology and apps, My Magic+ aims to minimize the amount of things a guest has to keep up with and centralize their vacation information. The program also introduces magic bands and connects to the My Disney Experience app.

My Disney Experience: Is a smartphone app that lets Disney guests view all of their reservations, ride wait times, and access other park information. If you are selected to participate in the My Magic+ roll out you will need the app to access  your vacation information.

Magic Bands: Magic Bands are literal wristbands that you wear during your Disney trip. Your magic band acts as an all-in-one that works as your resort key, ticket into the park, and contains information for your dining plan and Photo Pass/Memory Maker. While the use of magic bands is not available for all park guests, most guests staying on the property will be able to use this new system.

Disney has chosen The Incredibles to mascot this incredible new system.

Disney has chosen The Incredibles to mascot this incredible new system.

Magical Express: Disney offers complimentary airport shuttle service to all resort guests.  This service is known as the Magical Express. By using Magical Express you can skip baggage claim and head straight to your coach. Disney will send you, in advance, tags to put on your luggage so that Disney can identify your bags at the airport.

The Acronyms

DDP:  The DDP or Disney Dining Plan is a pre-purchased dining plan that you can use in the Disney Parks or Resorts. There are several tiers for the dining plan, and you can select the option that is best for your family depending on how much you plan to eat in the parks or if you plan on attending any character meals.

DAK: Disney’s Animal Kingdom is one of the theme parks at Walt Disney World that centers around animal conservation.

DHS / MGM: Disney’s Hollywood Studios was the third park built at Walt Disney World and was previously known as Disney-MGM Studios. This park pays tribute to 1930s and 1940s Hollywood.

EP: Epcot was Disney’s follow up to the Magic Kingdom and contains two distinct sections: Future World and The World Showcase. EPCOT stands for “Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow” and is considered by Imagineers to be a permanent World’s Fair

Imagineers: Imagineers are the people who come up with all of the amazing park attractions, and other technological advances that Disney is involved in.

DVC: The Disney Vacation Club is a sort of timeshare program run by Disney through which you can purchase points to use at DVC resorts. Mousesavers.com has a great guide to the DVC.

MK: The Magic Kingdom is the original park at Walt Disney World. Home to Cinderella’s castle, the Magic Kingdom is where Disney dreams really do come true.

BBB: Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique is a salon where little girls (or boys, if they are so inclined) can get their very own princess makeover. There are several different packages and styles you can choose from for your little princess. We are taking my niece there in June so I will let you know what I think when we get back!

Little Princesses getting a make-over from their very own fairy godmother!

Little Princesses getting a make-over from their very own fairy godmother!

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