Skinny For Disney!

Happy Monday Everyone!

So here at The Tipsy Geekette, we have been trying to get healthy.  Of course, I write this after eating a chocolate chip and a peanut butter cookie (a chocolate chip peanut butter cookie was not available so I had to improvise). But nonetheless, Katie, Letty, and I have both been saying that we were going to be healthier for…well probably for our whole lives, but most recently in the last couple of months.

Because our Disney trip is coming up in just about 2 months, Letty and I are now in crunch time, which I have clearly not come to terms with yet as evident by my cookie indulgence not five minutes ago. Waaaaaay back last September when we first started planning our trip to Disney World we decided that we would take this opportunity to finally shed some of those pesky extra pounds. We even made motivational signs:



Fast forward to April, Letty has lessened her Dr. Pepper addiction to one a day, and I have miraculously dropped about twenty pounds and managed not to gain it back (which is even more of a miracle).  While this is great progress, we are not anywhere close to our goal so I came up with this genius idea that we should start blogging about our adventures in getting Skinny for Disney! Mostly this is my own attempt to keep myself on track, but I am dragging the other Tipsies along as well, because that’s how we roll around here. All for one and all that!

So if you too are trying to get healthy or reach a goal, feel free to chime in and share tips (seriously, we need as much help as we can get), and also tune back in periodically. We are going to try and share some of our favorite healthy snacks, work out tips and tricks, and quite possibly a rant about how the hardest thing about working out is putting on a sports bra!

Join in the Excitement! #skinnyfordisney

Join in the Excitement! #skinnyfordisney

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