Bachelorette Planning: Themes

It hard for me to think of anything I enjoy more than themes. If someone is having a birthday party, baby shower, or happy hour my first question is, “What’s the theme?” I am no different when it comes to bachelorette parties. I think my affinity for themes stems from my utter lack of a concentration gene. Having a theme helps me focus and organize what is going on and also, themes are awesome. An added bonus to having a theme is that pictures tend to look better when people are, in some way, coordinated.

While picking out themes is second nature to me, I realize that for some people this is not so easy. The good news is that The Tipsy Bridesmaid is all about making things easier, and with that in mind I have compiled some ideas to help you come up with a great Bachelorette party theme ideas. There really isn’t any bad news so I guess I should have eliminated good from my first statement.


Destination Bachelorette parties are all the rage right now, and an added benefit to taking the party out of town is that you instantly have a built in theme. If the party is in Vegas, then your theme can be Vegas. From there you can decide if you want to do modern Vegas or take it old school and emulate vintage Vegas.  This July I will be traveling with my friend to New Orleans for her Bachelorette party, and we are going full out with the New Orleans theme.

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Color Schemes

When you think of theme you probably think of something super crazy and stylized, but that doesn’t have to be these case. You can simply pick out a definite color scheme instead of a full out crazy theme. Right now I’m super partial to the coral/navy and gold/mint combos. If you are clever with words you can come up with a fun invite that incorporates the colors.

Pop Culture

So your bride loves The Bachelor or Lady Gaga, well why not throw her a Bachelorette party that incorporates one or more of her pop culture favs. I would absolutely freak out if I were getting married and my friend threw me a Nancy Drew themed Bachelorette party. You think I’m kidding, but I would absolutely die from joy, and I know several people who would feel the same if they were thrown a Harry Potter or Hunger Games themed party.

Pull a Glee and dress up in your favorite Gaga outfit and then bar hop!

Pull a Glee and dress up in your favorite Gaga outfit and then bar hop!


Most people have hobbies, but every once in a while you get a person who is so into their hobby that it is kinda scary. Well if your friend is one of those people then I can think of no better way to celebrate her last days of singledom then by partaking in said hobby. Whether it is camping, scrabble playing, or yoga if your friend loves to do it, then chances are she will love a Bachelorette party themed with her hobby.

yoga bachelorette


Yes, I know that this technically falls under the Pop Culture heading, but I love Disney so much that it gets its own heading. Many girls have been dreaming about their wedding since they were kids and a lot of us can thank Disney for those dreams. If your bride is a Disney lover, then a Disney themed Bachelorette party is the only way to go. A trip to Disney World or Land would be ideal, but come on y’all that’s expensive. She will be plenty happy if you invest in some princess plates and convince all of her friends to dress up like their favorite Disney princess!

Disneybound has the best Disney inspired outfits!

Disneybound has the best Disney inspired outfits!

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