Surviving Single: I Shouldn’t Need An Excuse

Lately, I have not been much in the mood to socialize. I don’t know why, and it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that people keep giving me the, “Well, what else do you have to do?’. My response should be, “No, I just don’t want to come!”, but since that only leads to looks or sounds of disappointment I find myself making up ridiculous excuses that will somehow seem acceptable for me not attending whatever event I’m avoiding. Here is the thing: my friends that are married or in a relationship don’t attend things all the time by saying that their significant other has something going on or using the old, “Let me talk to so-and-so” and then they come back and say they can’t go. Well I am calling BS! I guarantee you that the majority of the time they just don’t want to come, but the difference is that they have a built in excuse because they are in a relationship.

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As a single person the only excuses that are acceptable for me to use are work and family. There are only so many times that you can get away with saying that your cousin is coming to visit or your brother needs you to help rearrange furniture before people start to get suspicious. The same goes for using work, especially on the weekends. Look, I am fine with people using their significant other as an excuse when they don’t want to do something. I will continue to accept it at face value and not question the legitimacy of the excuse. However, I will only continue to do this if, when I say, “I can’t come,” it is understood that I can’t come and that I don’t need to give a reason. Why do I not want to give a reason? Because most likely my excuse is that I’m in the middle of a really good book, feeling anti-social, or watching Netflix. If these were excuses that people wouldn’t guffaw at I would gladly give them, but they aren’t. And if I use them then I will inevitably be guilt-tripped into attending the event that I didn’t want to attend.

I know that this is a ridiculous thing to complain about, but it bothers me.

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