Necessary Nostalgia: Polly Pocket

Before I get to the nostalgic part of this post let me just take a moment and tell you what I am not talking about when I say Polly Pocket. I am not talking about the Polly Pockets they sell today that, while marginally less of a choking hazard for their target audience, could only maybe fit in the pocket of a grown man’s cargo pants (are those still a trend? I hope not). Example:



No, these are not the Polly Pockets of my memory, and quite frankly I refuse to accept them as Polly Pockets. The Polly Pocket toys I remember were small, compact, and had an element of danger because you never knew if a child would foolishly put them in their mouths and choke. I can honestly say that I don’t ever remember having the urge to put Polly or her accessories in my mouth.

Anyway, the Polly Pockets of my day were awesome. You could literally take them everywhere and they were so small and cute! Each Polly came in a powder compact-sized case that opened to become a themed world. I had three or four different Polly Pockets, but my favorite was shaped like a yellow heart and had a merry-go-round thing in it ( I know that is super descriptive, but the last time I saw my Polly Pockets was about 13 years ago). Unlike the Polly Pockets of today, the ones I played with had tiny Pollys whose clothes you could not change.

polly pockets 1

All in all, there wasn’t a whole lot involved with the older Polly Pockets as they were basically really tiny, portable doll houses, but they kept many of us 90’s girls entertained for hours on end. I can tell you that I really regret telling my mom she could sell my Polly Pockets in a garage sale.

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