Because Throwing Rice Is So Cliche and Boring

Rice is cheap which is really the only benefit of throwing it as the bride and groom leave their wedding. Other than its affordability, it is pretty boring and maybe it’s just me but rice smells weird. I mean I like to eat rice, but I think that there are plenty of alternatives for weddings that are more exciting and fun! No, birdseed is not one of my suggestions. Who wants to attract birds when they are dressed in their nicest clothes…not me!

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Talk about an explosion of color! I love confetti because it is fun and it is hilarious watching people tying to get it out of their hair. The only downside to confetti is the clean up, but I’m pretty sure that you can find biodegradable confetti if you try.




Who doesn’t love bubbles? I haven’t met a person alive who doesn’t enjoy picking up a bubble wand and watching the glistening orbs float through the air. The good thing about bubbles is you don’t have to worry about anyone getting hurt or mad that something is being thrown at them.




This would need to be a highly supervised one, but sparklers would be incredibly beautiful. Imagine the pictures of the bride and groom framed by sparklers.

Ribbon Wands

wedding wands


This is a color explosion that wouldn’t require crazy clean up. You would need to be careful not to whip people or hit the person standing next to you. You would also want to be wary of giving these to anyone who was a big fan of the ribbon dancer (ahem…me!).

Crackers or Poppers

party poppers


Crackers or Party Poppers would have the added bonus of noise. For those of you not familiar, you pull crackers apart and out pops glitter, confetti, or what ever you choose to put inside. In Britain they put small toys and hats in them at Christmas.

Flower Petals


I know that traditionally flower petals are thrown before the bride walks down the aisle, but wouldn’t it be awesome to watch the bride and groom run through a colorful and soft shower of petals?


One Response to “Because Throwing Rice Is So Cliche and Boring

  • Great post. At my niece’s wedding last year we threw bits of lavender blossom. It was awesome, though some people just kept the little bags of lavender. How could they resist?

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