Necessary Nostalgia: Shrinky Dinks

Just thinking about writing this post makes me want to go out and by Shrinky Dinks. That’s right, they are still available. Craft stores should give me a cut of their profit because I bet you are now about to run out and by Shrinky Dinks at your nearest craft store!

I bought this set at Joann's Fabric store for $6

I bought this set at Joann’s Fabric store for $6

My mother can attest to my sheer love of Shrinky Dinks, and she can probably endorse them as a life saver for any single moms with children. I say children because while she only had me, I was such a handful that it was like she raised more than one kid. Anyway, Shrinky Dinks were magical and they provided hours of well supervised entertainment. Since they had to be put in the oven I was only allowed to use them if there was an adult supervising. Honestly, I probably shouldn’t be allowed to use them now with adult supervision as I don’t have the best track record with ovens.

So at this point I am going to assume that you didn’t get to experience the joy of Shrinky Dinks and give you a how-to on how to use them.

Step #1: Color the Shrinky Dinks


Step #2: Cut out each Shrinky Dink that you colored (the ones I had were already cut out, but this isn’t always the case)


Step #3: Bake at 350 for  1-3 minutes and then let cool



It is mandatory that you watch them shrink in the oven!

Step #4: Use them to make jewelry, magnets, or other useful things like hairbows (no joke I had a Shrinky Dink hairbow when I was little)


My set came with stands and a background so that you could make a fairy land.

You’re welcome for either reminding you of or introducing you to the awesomeness that is Shrinky Dinks!

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