Once Upon A Time, Take 2

A couple of months ago, I wrote a Late To The Party post about how I had tried to watch the hit show Once Upon A Time, but couldn’t get into it. My fellow Tipsies were incredibly disappointed in me, and continued their hounding and teasing until I finally caved. I decided to give it another go… (WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD)


Rumpelstiltskin and Belle Image Courtesy of ABC

The deal was, “Just watch until Belle and Rumpelstiltskin meet. If you don’t want to watch after that, we won’t bother you anymore.” And this is now my main selling point when I encourage people to watch the show. I am completely, hopelessly addicted, with zero chance of recovery.

I don’t like admitting I’m wrong (who does?!), but I will happily admit defeat in this instance. Once Upon A Time is kind of complicated, don’t get me wrong. There are a lot of characters, and the writers do take liberties with the fairy tales we know (or think we know). They add, they subtract, and, of course, all of these characters inhabit the same world. So it’s a little different. But it has so much to entertain! There’s magic, murder, mystery, revenge, family, love, triumph over adversity. You name it, OUAT has covered it.


Emma and Captain Killian Jones (aka Captain Hook) Image Courtesy of ABC

I don’t feel like I can really do the show justice in one blog post. There’s just so much that goes on in each episode, and it’s now in its fourth season. I will give you the rundown on my absolute favorite aspects of the show:

Favorite character: Henry – he’s the catalyst of the whole storyline. He’s super smart and precocious, and just all around wonderful.

Favorite couple: Belle and Rumpelstiltskin. I know a lot of fans are crazy about Emma and Captain Hook. I am too, but Belle has been my favorite princess for a long, long time. And the fact that Rumple is her beast…well, that’s just peachy in my book.

Additionally, I love the costuming (with the exception of some of the newer characters in Season 4, but more on that in a second). The show runners have done a great job of highlighting aspects of the characters personalities without outright copying the outfits depicted in various movie adaptations. There have been a few notable, well executed exceptions, but they’ve generally kept the costuming original to the series.


Anna and Elsa Image Courtesy of ABC

Where I’m a little confused is the addition of the characters from Frozen this season. Obviously this season isn’t over yet so I don’t have the luxury of hindsight. I’m not crazy about the fact that they’ve kept the characters in their original outfits. It’s disjointed from the rest of the show. I’m fine with the storyline so far, even though it’s confusing, but the costuming is a real hindrance in my mind.

But I digress…

I really do love this show, and I’m so glad Michelle and Tiffany badgered me in to continuing to watch it. It’s a lot of fun, and so easy to get invested in the characters. It’s really well thought out, and I’ve more than once caught myself wishing I could live in Storybrooke, Maine.

So. I officially retract my previous statements about Once Upon A Time. It’s a fantastic show, and I highly recommend it.


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