Day 8- Last Christmas and Other Music Video Gems

The only thing better than a Christmas song is a Christmas Music Video.

No one in their right mind would ever argue that Christmas time isn’t the cheesiest time of the year. With cheesy movies, music, and greeting cards it is safe to say that Christmas is a giant cheese fest that pairs wonderfully with several bottles of wine. Speaking of wine, you might want to grab a bottle or two before continuing on with this post, because have I got a treat for you!

Because I have exactly zero social life, I spent more time then I would like to admit scouring the internet (okay just YouTube) for Christmas music videos that range from a healthy dose of cheese to full on insane.  I hope you enjoy!

Last Christmas

Last Christmas is genuinely one of my favorite Christmas songs. I absolutely love Wham, and their addition to the Christmas musical cannon has been the source of many a happy December car ride. In my world, it isn’t Christmas unless I’ve heard Last Christmas at least 3 times in the same day.

All I Want For Christmas

There are plenty more All I Want For Christmas music videos floating around the internet, but none are quite as intriguing as this one. If you can find something that out does a sexy-Santa clad Mariah Carey being oogled at by Justin Bieber and also has puppies, then I heartily applaud you!

Hard to Be a Cat at Christmas

In case you missed it Grumpy Cat got her own Lifetime Christmas movie this year, which sadly is the only reason I know she is a girl cat (thanks Aubrey Plaza for giving a voice to such an expressive cat).  In addition to becoming a small screen star, she has also landed a starring role in this spectacular Christmas music video.

Please Come Home For Christmas

Let’s see in this video you will find Bon Jovie, Christmas Trees, and 80’s hair. Do you need anything else to convince you of it’s awesomeness? If you answered yes, then we can’t be friends.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Up until now, most of these videos have leaned more towards ridiculous on the Christmas Music Video scale, but this one I am adding because it is adorable and cheesy in all the right ways. Seriously, I wish I could live in this music video!

Text Me Merry Christmas

Another 2014 treasure is Text Me Merry Christmas by Straight No Chaser and Kristen Bell. A Christmas song for our times, it is even better and more hilarious in claymation! Just be warned this song will get suck in your head.

I Only Want You For Christmas

No Christmas music video list is complete without Alan Jackson making an appearance. Who can resist being serenaded by that mustache?

And last but definitely not least…

The Gift



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