Superhero Music: A Lesson in Super Music

A few weeks ago some of my students were preparing for the Texas State Football Championship, and they chose to have a Superhero themed Spirit Week to get everyone excited for the big game. During one of the Student Council planning meetings one of my students emailed me and said that many of the council members were saying that there is superhero music. I went on high alert and immediately went into my Bat Cave to help her prove the others wrong. Below is the resulting list of my efforts, and exactly what I emailed to her. (Sidenote: If you ever want to fill old say the names Bonnie Tyler and David Bowie to a bunch of high school students…you’ll cry.)
superhero music bam

In no particular order, superhero music:

1. Bonnie Tyler – Holding Out for a Hero

Umm…duh! It has the lyrics: “I need a hero…he’s gotta be strong, and he’s gotta be fast, and he’s gotta be fresh from the fight.”

2. Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em – Crank That
Literally gave birth to the Superman dance move.

3. Queen – Flash
QUEEEEN!!!! It pains me that y’all probably don’t even know who Freddie Mercury is.  This song is about the superhero Flash, you can read about him here.

4. Chad Kroeger – Hero
Lead singer of Nickelback-check. 2002 Spiderman theme song-check.

5. Bob Scneider – Batman
Ok, so this one may not be appropriate…but…it is hilarious and you should put it in your playlist…after you graduate.

6. Black Sabbath – Iron Man
It may not be about the superhero but it literally will bring the house down, and I doubt anyone will even know that it isn’t about the comic book Iron Man!!

7. David Bowie – Heroes
Gotta pay respect to this man. Love him. Song is pretty slow but still pretty rad.

8. Foo Fighters – My Hero
This song was written by the awesome and great Dave Grohl who is the lead singer of the group and was in Nirvana!! He wrote it about the heroes in his life…the ones that he described were ordinary but did extraordinary things!!!!! Pretty ticked off that they are not going on tour in Texas though!

9. Foreigner – Jukebox Hero
This is a song about a guy who looks up to a musician and then grows up to become a musician and see’s a little boy that looks up at him. Oh my gosh!!

10. Enrique Iglesias – Hero
Of course I am not going to put a playlist without this song. It would be a musical tragedy. Plus, Enrique is hot!

11. Fall Out Boy – Centuries
“You will remember meeeeeee, remember meeeee for centuries.”

12. Boys Like Girls – Hero/Heroine
“I feel like a Hero and you are my Heroine.” Ummm, yes!! Take me back to 2007 when I thought being emo was cool.=X

13. Mariah Carey – Hero
Please see #10.

14. Daughtry – Waiting for Superman
Definitely about real women dealing with real experiences. Sooooo good.

15. Five for Fighting – Superman
Literally should be in everyone’s playlist as a pick me up…definitely a ballad, but still great.

16. Alesso ft. Tove Lo – Heroes

17. The Script – Superheroes
LOVE LOVE LOVE this song. It focuses on the road to triumph: the pain. That the pain is the “forge for a heart of steel.”
“When you’ve been fighting for it all your life, you’ve been struggling to make things right, that’s how a superhero learns to fly; every day, every hour, turn the pain into power.”  We all know that heroes don’t glide to an easy victory…we know what the pain feels like…that is what makes us strong, that is what makes us victorious.

18. 3 Doors Down – Kryptonite
So, this song was actually written in a classroom by Brad Arnold, the lead singer. He was sitting in math, bored out of his mind, and so wrote this at the age of 15. This song is asking a pretty philosophical question…it’s asking if you will be there for someone if they are down or if you will be there for them when they are successful. Pretty confusing but think about it, sure, we all say we will be there for each other when people are down, but look at the pitfalls of success…jealousy, greed, arrogance…would you still be there?

19. Snoop Dogg – Batman and Robin
Literally put this on there because he has the Batman theme song in the background…that’s it. I’ve never actually listened to the whole song. Hopefully, it’s not inappropriate, if so please refer back to #5.

So there you have it! Shaping the minds of tomorrow one playlist at a time!

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