2nd Cinderella Trailer is Swoon-Worthy

Disney has come a long way from the underwhelming Cinderella teaser trailer that did little more than make us thank the heavens that glass slippers aren’t a current fashion trend. The first full-length trailer showed us that Disney means business with this live-action version of Cinderella, and that no expense was spared to bring this classic fairy tale to life.

Today, Disney released the 2nd Official full-length Cinderella trailer, and this one takes us even deeper into the re-imagining. This trailer gives even more proof that Cate Blanchett is the perfect choice to play the wicked step-mother. While the stepmother in the animated series is just out right wicked, it looks like her live action counterpart will employ a more psychological approach to her wicked warfare, and she isn’t on her own. The stepmother has friend inside the palace whose aim is to keep the prince away from Cinderella.


Speaking of the prince, Richard Madden talks more in this trailer and it only makes him more dreamy (those blue eyes alone are enough to drag an audience to the Imax). However, even more spectacular than all the other revelations is the character of Cinderella. The animated Cinderella was kind and sweet, but a bit of a door mouse. While Lily James’ Cinderella is still kind and sweat, she also seems to have a little spark of fire in her. It will be interesting to see how the film plays out on the big screen, but one things seems almost certain: It will be magical!

 What are your thoughts on the 2nd Cinderella trailer?

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