For the Mild THRILL Ride of it!

You may be wondering what a mild thrill ride is, but don’t worry, we got you covered!

Yesterday we presented to you a list of Disney thrill rides that will definitely get your blood pumping, but as we stated in our previous post Disney is not the go-to for thrill rides. However, what Disney does best is just as thrilling as any thrill ride we’ve ever encountered. Disney is a master at story telling. From the second you enter their parks to the moment you leave you are immersed in a story that has been planned down to ever tiny detail. It is a true magic that no one has been able to replicate.


Big Thunder Mountain Railroad


Despite the fact that Kevin hates roller coasters (stemming from a bad experience on Judge Roy Scream at Six Flags over Texas as a kid) he absolutely loves Big Thunder Mountain at Magic Kingdom.  I don’t know what it is (because this is most like your most traditional roller coaster) but there is something about it that surpasses his dislike of these types of rides.  Known as the “wildest ride in the wilderness” a mine train takes you on an adventure speeding through an old gold mining town in the wild west. This is an especially fun one to ride after the sun has gone down. Oh, and keep your eyes peeled for the goat atop the mountain.


Space Mountain

courtesy of Walt Disney Co

Located in Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom, this is your classic dark roller coaster.  Make your way through a darkened queue with interactive space training and board a rocket to zoom off through space.  For the most part Space Mountain almost completely in the dark… occasionally you will see something flash by, but that’s mostly at the beginning and end of the ride.  You know how they always say “keep your hands, arms, feet, and legs inside the vehicle at all times” ? Well, on Space Mountain you really want to abide by this rule… just take a look at what it’s like with the lights on.


Splash Mountain and Test Track

diseny mild thrill ride - splash mountain

Let’s be honest, these make the cut purely based on what happens near the end of each ride. Splash Mountain- Huge drop that may or may not get you soaking wet. Test Track- go for a spin outside with peak speeds of 65mph (which doesn’t seem very fast when compared to cars, but on a ride, it sure feels it!

disney mild thrill ride - test track




disney mild thrill ride - soarin

While not your typical “thrill ride” the sensation of hang-gliding over California is pretty amazing.  To top it off you feel the cold breeze in the mountains and can smell the oranges in the groves and the pine in the forests. I went on this one time with a friend of mine who was in the army and the fireworks at the end made her a little jumpy.  It’s fantastic though. Oh, and the pre-show… quite possibly my favorite ever:


Star Tours

disney mild thrill ride - star tours

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… oh wait… no, that’s not right.  It was right here in the Milky Way, but years and years before there was even any talk about Disney acquiring Lucasfilm, there was Star Tours at Hollywood Studios. Initially you would board a Starspeeder 1000 en route to the forest moon of Endor.  In the last 5 years upgrades have been made and various destinations have been added, ideally making each trip a different experience.  Be sure to buckle in though, because it’s bumpy ride across space!

BONUS: Surprisingly Wild For Being So “Mild”…



disney mild thrill ride - barnstormer

As a former Cast Member I spent my fair share of off days at the parks (especially during the off-season when lines were non-existent).  I decided that I needed to go on all of the roller coasters WDW had to offer, including the little dinky kids one over in Mickey’s Toontown Fair (the area has been changed to Storybook Circus).  Don’t be fooled by the seemingly innocent little kid roller coaster known as The Barnstormer.  It’s no Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, but for a kids-coaster it is a lot of fun! And, at least when I was there, there usually wasn’t a huge line because it’s a pretty quick little ride!


Astro Orbiter

disney mild thrill ride - astro orbiter

This is basically Dumbo The Flying Elephant on steroids.  When we were out there, Kevin and I decided that we would try watching the firework show from there… boy was that a bad idea.  The centrifugal force is much stronger on this than on Dumbo. It’s fun and you get to see a lot of the park from way up there!


Primeval Whirl

Mechanics of Time Travel

Oh hey, look… another something to do at DAK! DinoLand USA has a fun little carnival style area called Chester & Hester’s Dino-Rama! where you can find the Primeval Whirl.  As the name suggests, you go whirling, spinning, and careening around a fairly flat tract, but who knows when you might go down a hill backwards?!

Which mild thrill ride at Disney is your favorite?

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