Walker Stalker Con: Dallas!

As the resident zombie-and-The-Walking-Dead-obsessed Tipsy, it was a given that if Walker Stalker Con ever made it our way that I would go. As luck would have it, they announced their first Texas stop last year – DALLAS! I immediately (like literally, I was all over this) told my wonderful dad about it as a potential Christmas present idea for me. Thankfully he went for it and the boyfriend and I became proud VIP pass holders. This was in JULY last year (!!!) so I began my long and arduous wait for March 2015 to roll around so I could immerse myself in zombie-themed everything for a whole weekend. And y’all, that weekend FINALLY CAME.

walker stalker con

VIP up in the heezy!

While Walker Stalker Con Dallas didn’t pull in the big names like Norman Reedus or Andrew Lincoln, we were lucky enough to get SO many cast members – plus 2 amazing actors from Breaking Bad! This was my first con, but not Tiffany’s, so I did a little research beforehand but still was shocked at how much is actually there. The biggest bummer is that EVERYTHING costs extra it seems like. Autographs and/or pictures with all of the actors/actresses cost anywhere from $20-$80 a pop so I had to budget my money and make some tough decisions on who all to rub shoulders with. Or if you want professional pics with the cast, those are offered for even more money (the collective cast pic went for about $530-ish day of the con!) but are much better quality. On top of that, there are tons of local vendors with amazing handcrafted goods, hand-drawn comics, and  official con merchandise to tempt your cash from you. Dallas also featured the Apocalypse Zombie Experience where attendees could use realistic M4 tactical laser training guns to run through a maze and destroy zombies. In addition to all of this, the con held panels with different actors and guests; they even held the world premiere screening of The Walking Deceased, a parody film a la the Scary Movie series but covering The Walking Dead.

walker stalker con


The highlights for me were:

Meeting Abraham’s Army: These three (Michael Cudlitz, Christian Serratos, and Josh McDermitt) were amazing! Josh McDermitt is literally the nicest person we met and was so funny. His icebreaker was a big hug! Eugene is easily one of the best characters on the show right now simply because he is hilarious and he has a mullet. Josh plays him PERFECTLY!

The Panels!: We sat in on almost all of them and it is SO awesome to hear the actors talk about what happens behind-the-scenes or in their character’s head. The best panels for me were Abraham’s Army, Michonne and the Governor, and Lizzie and Mika. From those, easily the best moment was when Danai Gurira (Michonne) and David Morrissey (the Governor) were re-watching their AMAZING balls-to-the-wall fight scene from episode 8 of season 3. They were jumping up and down and cheering. LOVED it! It was also great to see how close Abraham’s Army is – they are all hilarious and seem to really love each other.

walker stalker con

Abraham’s Army!


walker stalker con

Michonne and the Governor

walker stalker con

Mika and Lizzie

Corey’s favorite, and my favorite non-TWD cast panel, was Giancarlo Esposito (Gus Fring) and RJ Mitte (Walt Jr.) from Breaking Bad. Gus was the scariest baddie on BB for me, so it was great to hear him talk about playing such a calculated, quiet, terrifying villian. RJ is just an amazing young actor who went through a lot on the show – loved it when he joked about all the breakfast he had to eat.

walker stalker con

Walt Jr. and Gus Fring

Overall, the con was just amazing. Our VIP passes allowed us access to the venue before general admission, so meeting the cast was a little easier. I did have to put off meeting Steven Yeun (SWOON) and Emily Kinney because their lines were insane, even with my VIP line access, and they were pricey. I also sadly missed Emily’s concert since it was St. Patrick’s weekend in Dallas and everyone else had plans. Whomp whomp. But I got to see them which is still great! Tiffany and her family that she was kindly escorting got to meet David and Chandler (Carl) who were great as well.

If you are a fan of the Walking Dead, I HIGHLY recommend attending Walker Stalker if they come near you. Ultimately, I’d love to go to SDCC or Walker Stalker Atlanta someday since those big cons usually draw the ENTIRE cast, including directors like Greg Nicotero.

If you attended this past weekend, let us know your favorite moments in the comments below! Also enjoy this trailer of The Walking Deceased!

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