Five Down, Ten To Go… 2015 So Far

At the end of 2104 we put our heads together and came up with 15 things that we would like to accomplish or take part in during the course of 2015.  It occurred to me over the weekend that in less than three full months I can already mark off about a third of that list. Now, I will admit that these were some of the easier items on the list… at least for me.  I thought that I might give you an update on how my year is going so far…

Watch A New TV Show

Thanks to Netflix, my DVR, and OnDemand I have had quite the pick of new TV shows and movies to watch.  As mentioned in our post from the beginning of the year I wanted to watch Warehouse 13 and Broadchurch.  Well I haven’t picked up Warehouse 13 again, but I did watch Broadchurch (and subsequently most of the American version Gracepoint) and I really enjoyed it.  I have set my DVR to record new episodes of Broadchurch and am only one week behind I think- which is really good for me because I am terrible at watching live TV these days.

2015 so far

Broadchurch Cast. Courtesy of

I also finally got around to watching Weeds.  I know… I’m sure that you are probably wondering why I am just now getting around to watching it since it was on for a decent amount of time and was super super popular.  Well… you see… I knew Hunter Parrish as a kid. And personally I was not a fan of the idea of seeing him as a teenager/young adult having lots and lots of sex on my TV screen… or in person for that matter.  In my mind he was still a scrawny 15 year old theatre nerd so that was kind of weird.  Time has passed now and I haven’t seen him in person for ages and may never again… so I figured that now was as good a time as any to give Weeds a go.  After maybe two episodes I was hooked and binge watched it like crazy.  Unfortunately I think I burnt myself out on it because around the beginning of season five I stopped watching.  It’s been a couple of months though, so I may try picking it up again soon.

Go To A Con

Well… technically it was an Expo… but whatever. For years now Kevin has been talking about going to the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) but we have never been able to go, partially because it’s over Labor Day Weekend in Seattle (and we have a standing engagement over Labor Day Weekend) but mostly it’s because PAX is insanely popular among the gaming community and it sells out crazy fast. Fortunately this year, or I guess technically last year, we heard that PAX was coming down south and would be in San Antonio for the first ever PAX South! Since this is a new extension of PAX it was not as well known so we were able to get tickets and it was just a short-ish drive from the Dallas metroplex. Even though I am nowhere near being a hardcore gamer like some of the people at PAX South I felt super comfortable being there and it was so much fun.

Nintendo was there showcasing their new Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask. We got to beta test this super fun video game called Brawlhalla which is kind of like Super Smash Bros but way cooler in my opinion… probably because I didn’t suck at it.  There were game tables and general geekiness galore at the Geek Chic booth. A large part of our weekend was spent checking out the various games featured at the Greater Than Games booth. At that booth we learned how to play Sentinels of the Multiverse (card game and video game… both of which we own), Sentinel Tactics, and Galactic Strike Force. GSF was my least favorite out of all the games we learned that weekend, but I blame that mostly on the fact that it was Sunday afternoon, my brain was overloaded by gameplay instructions, and I just wanted to head north on I35.

The highlight of the weekend though was most definitely on Saturday morning.  ArenaNet, the creators of Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2, were scheduled to make a big announcement which turned out to be an expansion for GW2 called Heart of Thorns.  Why is this such a big deal?  This is the MMO world of Kevin’s choice.  He played the first Guild Wars before we met and I’ve helped him create characters in GW2.  He has friends that have basically become cyber fixtures in our apartment through voice chat technology.  Thanks to one of these amazing friends, Rubi, we got a little taste of the VIP treatment at a big game expo:  Friday night we got the the chance to meet and have a drink with some of the live-streamers and Saturday morning we didn’t have to wait in the giant line of fans… we got to stand in the significantly shorter line of VIP and press members. I’m not sure about Kevin, but I know that I am in quite a few shots as I was practically centered between two of the live-streamers.  The most amazing part was the after-party Saturday night on the Riverwalk.  Although the beginning of the party was a little awkward… a bunch of MMO gamers having to talk face to face instead of in voice chat or in game… but once Mike O’Brien, the President of ArenaNet, came and sat down at our table and asked, “so what do you think?” everyone really opened up.  It was really a neat experience, even if I didn’t have anything to contribute to the conversation.  Also, Kevin and the other “Guildies” got to talk with some of the dev team, including Game Director Colin Johanson. All in all it was a pretty awesome trip, but we wish that Rubi could have stuck around a little longer! Maybe next year?


Get A Hobby

Speaking of gaming and such… Kevin bought a copy of GW2 while it was on super sale during PAX South… I haven’t really made it into a hobby, but I have created an account and made a little character. Eventually I will probably get around to figuring out how to play.  But in the meantime we have a ton of table top games to play.  Just before the holiday season kicked off Kevin started really watching TableTop on Geek & Sundry, which in turn he got me watching it so I could tell him whether or not I would play a game that he was interested in owning.  This actually made birthday and Christmas shopping really easy for him and when it was all said and done, we had over 10 games by the start of the new year.  The number of games has only increased as we keep finding ones that we think look fun… we even picked up a couple at PAX South (Sentinels of the Multiverse and Superfight).  Since then we have played games frequently whether it is with family, friends, or just the two of us on any given weeknight. I have also created a monster by introducing Michelle to both TableTop and our game library as it were.  She is legit #obsessed.

2015 so far

Games, games, games

Join an “of the Month” Club

Sometime towards the end of 2014 I started seeing a ton of ads on Facebook for the Dollar Shave Club.  When the time came to bust the legs out of hibernation I decided that I needed a new razor.  I went to the store to buy some and hated the fact that ONE razor was like $10.  After this revelation I figured I would try the Dollar Shave Club and I must say that I really like it!  Yes, I know that you can go directly to the razor distributor and get them in bulk even cheaper, but you know what?  I like getting mail.  And by going through the Dollar Shave Club, I get a package in the mail every month… or every two months.

2015 so far

The Executive Razor and Shave Butter… worth it!

Read More

I used to read all the time.  A few years back when I was taking public transportation downtown to work every day I read about 20 books in 9 months (it helped to have about two hours a day that I could almost completely dedicate to reading).  Since then I haven’t read more than maybe 4 books a year.  I guess life just got in the way… I was job hunting, then I got a job that was only 20 minutes away from home, and I just couldn’t really get into any books.  The number of books that we have in our small apartment is ever-growing and I am determined to read at least 12 this year.  January and February started out a little rough… I’ve tried starting Outlander several times to very little progression.  I was familiar with Rainbow Rowell’s book Fangirl that Kelly recently reviewed, but had not purchased it.  Thanks to Michelle, she did buy it and let me borrow it.  It was such a quick read that I finished it in less than a week.  I’ve since picked up another book by Rainbow Rowell called Eleanor and Park.  I’m still in the early chapters, but I foresee this being another book that I can knock out in the next week or so.  Hopefully now that I am on a roll I will be able to jump over the hurdle of chapter 3 in Outlander…

2015 so far

I feel like this is what my living room is turning into…
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Well there you have it folks… 2015 as it stands at the end of March.  What have you done in 2015 so far?

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