LTTP: Syfy’s Wizard Wars

I remember when I saw the logo for this show and I rolled my eyes. Granted, I didn’t know what the concept was, but I imagined the worst and never looked back. Well, I now stand corrected. All that changed when I actually caught an episode of the show. And not just one episode. Syfy had a mini marathon of them and I watched 5 episodes in a row. Yep, I was hooked.

SyFy’s Wizard Wars is a reality/contest show for magicians. Competitors are teamed up in pairs and then they have to create a stage show using 3 required objects. They are judged on their creativity, showmanship and deception. The team that wins the first round gets to face off against two of the ‘Wizards’ belonging to the panel of four resident magicians for the show. For the ‘Wizard War’ against the resident ‘Wizards,’ both teams now have 4 required objects that have to be used. The contestants have a very big incentive to have the best show, because whoever wins the ‘Wizard War’ is going home with $10,000.

The cool part about Wizard Wars is that the competitors have never met (or so we are told) prior to the show. So the resulting stage show is a result of some serious creativity, talent and outside-the-box thinking. Its fun to see an impromptu performance that is not the result of weeks of preparation and planning. Did we mention that part of the judging team is none other than Penn & Teller?

Penn & Teller

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The Perks:

Really great talent and creative performances. You get up close and personal with fun magic tricks without the drama of a stage show.

The Downsides:

Not everyone competitor team is going to have a stellar routine. However, the routines are quick and the show moves along at a good pace.

Best moment:

When you see Penn & Teller get astonished by a performance and you see the expression on their faces. Greatness.

Should you watch Wizard Wars?

Absolutely. Its a nice change from the usual syndicated suspects, and its refreshingly low on drama factor for a reality show. The routines are put together quickly, there is no advance preparation and it isn’t rehearsed so I feel like we are getting a true reflection of the contestants ability.

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