Necessary Nostalgia: Meg Cabot’s Mediator Series

This week we’d like to highlight Meg Cabot’s  “Mediator” series. So what brought this on you ask? Michelle and I were fan-girling about books (imagine that) and we landed on the topic of Meg Cabot. Earlier last year Meg Cabot posted on her blog that she is releasing a 7th Mediator book! Its been a whopping ten years or so since the series had ended, and since we never hoped to see another one, um, time for a happy dance!  In a fabulously genius marketing plan the book is being written for an adult audience, which is the same move that the new Princess Diaries book is doing. Nice PR Meg, we see what you’re doing there.

In the early years of her writing Meg Cabot published her novels under the pen name Jenny Carroll, so if you ever stumble across some old ‘90’s paperbacks of her Mediator series you won’t see Meg Cabot on there. Thankfully the series was given a 2005 facelift with some spiffy cover art and now have Meg Cabot listed as the author. Seriously, remember these?

Mediator Series Old Covers

Mediator Series Old Covers

Meg Cabot’s Mediator series is a fabulously awesome romp that, for me at least, embodies everything that a YA novel should be. Its got a great main character, her family, her friends, school stuff and her ongoing mission to date a guy who is not a psycho, a possible murderer or currently a ghost. You know, just the usual.

The story follows sixteen year old Susannah ‘Suze’ Simon who is a mediator, which means that she can see ghosts while no one else can. Ok, so a few other people can see ghosts but they’re rare. Its Suze’s job to help these ghosts with their unfinished business so that they can move on. In becoming the errand girl for the undead, Suze finds out the hard way that ghost busting is an overworked and underpaid position that gets her into trouble more often than not.

Suze has just moved to California from New York because her mom has just remarried, which gives her a new step-dad and three step brothers and the fun is just beginning. Suze finds out that her new home is a remodeled historic house which has had quite a colorful history. Suze hates old buildings with a passion, mostly because they tend to harbor ghosts, and her new digs are no exception. Her room comes equipped with an 19th century Spanish non-cowboy. Jesse, her man-out-of-time ghost hottie, has several non-flattering things to say about the cowboys of his day, and maintains that he was not one.

Quote from Meg Cabot's Mediator Series #6 Twilight

Quote from Meg Cabot’s Mediator Series #6 Twilight

Jesse however becomes a very handy sidekick against Suze’s nightly escapades with with undead and often bails her out of trouble. So what’s a girl to do when sparks fly? How are you supposed to have a relationship with a dead guy that only you can see?

The Jesse and Suze chemistry works. Its so there on the page. They are the perfect example of opposites attracting. Jesse is usually calm and collected and the voice of reason while Suze is simply, well,  none of those things. Suze is a fast talking, short tempered girl of action. She’s more likely to punch first and ask questions later, and her smart mouth is known to get her in trouble. Digging a hole is not new to Suze, ‘cause we’re pretty sure that she invented it.

So whether you are team Paul (I’m guessing there are a few) or team Jesse (heck yeah), re-read these books and relive the fun.

So I’m psyched about the upcoming book which looks like it won’t be out until February 2016. If you remember the very end of book #6 – Twilight, Jesse is now among the living and can see ghosts. I can’t wait to see what happens in the upcoming book. So, Meg please, throw us a bone at some point in the next year and give us a sneak peek at chapter one. Until then we can just look at the spiffy wedding invite graphic that is on

Wedding Announcement for Suze and Jesse.

Wedding Announcement for Suze and Jesse. Image courtesy of


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