Tipsy Crafts: Tabletop Day Shirts

We are on fire with videos! Okay, not literally and it may just be a budding obsession, but lucky for you we think we’re entertaining. Tabletop Day is fast approaching…seriously it’s in like two days. If you are automatically freaking out with excitement then I don’t know what we are going to do with you! Anyhoo! We decided that leading up to Tabletop Day we would do a couple of DIYs to help you throw a super awesome Tabletop Day party! So without further ado, enjoy this awesome video!

DIY Tabletop Day Shirts


Bleach Pen


Plastic Bag

10:1 Water – Hydrogen Peroxide Solution

Spray Bottle


1. Put plastic bag inside the t-shirt and then smooth the top of the shirt out so that you have a nice clean area to draw your design

2. Using the bleach pen, draw out your design your t-shirt

3. Let bleach sit and dry for about 10 minutes

4. Carefully rinse the bleach off of your shirt (be cautious of splashing bleach water and wear bleach friendly clothes…just in case)

5. Spray the bleached area with the Hydrogen Peroxide / Water solution

6. Wash without detergent

7. Dry and Enjoy

Tiffany’s Finished Shirt


Michelle’s Finished Shirt


Katie’s Finished Shirt


Well there you have it, our fun and eventful DIY Tabletop Day T-Shirts. Like we said in the video, we did not come up with this DIY method and to see our inspiration click here. Let us know what you think of this DIY attempt in the comments!

Also, let us know what your Tabletop Day plans are and in you have any favorite Tabletop Quotes!

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