Tipsy Crafts: DIY TableTop Day Meeple Cupcakes

TableTop Day is tomorrow! I hope you have your plans in place because it would be a shame to miss out on an entire day of TableTop games! For now I am just going to assume that if you are interested in Meeple Cupcakes that you have plans for TableTop Day and get on with this post. Tiffany and I have been getting crafty this week in preparation for our own TableTop Day celebration! We posted yesterday about DIY TableTop Day T-Shirts, and today we have a video on how to spruce up some boring cupcakes with Meeples! Who doesn’t love a good meeple cupcake?!?!?

DIY TableTop Day Meeple Cupcakes


Sugar Sheets

Meeple stencil (can print and cut out)

Writing Utensil

Kitchen Scissors

Cupcakes (pre-made or homemade)


Shimmer Dust


Food Safe Paint Brush Type Utensil


1. Trace meeple shape onto the Sugar Sheets (these come with a plastic backing so trace it on that side…trust us)

2. Cut out meeples

3. Dampen meeples (be careful, color transfer may occur when the sugar is west. Also, only dampen do not soak)

4. Sprinkle Shimmer Dust onto the damp meeples and spread evenly

5. Put meeple on cupcake.


6. Instagram Your Cupcakes


7. Take Various Shots of the Cupcakes for your Blog



There yo have it! The perfect, easy themed cupcakes for your TableTop Day celebration! A fun crafting / baking lesson is that not everything has to be complicated. This is a relatively simple way to spruce up some boring cupcakes, and you can do this same method with other shapes. Frozen Birthday? Sugar Snowflakes (although those might be hard to cut out).  Fun. Easy. Cute. That is our motto!

We recommend that after you finish crafting you take some time to play a good game of Qwirkle!


What do you think of the meeples? What fun foods are you serving at your TableTop Day Party?

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