DIY Derby Headbands

I recently went to a Bachelorette party for one of my closest childhood friends in Hot Springs, AR. Now if you haven’t ever been to Hot Springs you may not know that they have a race track there, and my friend LOVES the races. I had never been to a horse race, but there is a casino there, and boy do I enjoy playing slot machines (they are so pretty and make fun noises…just go in not expecting to win anything otherwise you feel really crappy when you don’t).

Anyway. Because we were going to the races, Letty and I decided that we would construct some DIY Derby Headbands for all of us to wear. Here is the hot mess that was that crafting session:

DIY Derby Headbands



Flowers, Feathers, Other random things you want to attach (We found a lot of cool stuff in the floral section at Michael’s)

Hot Glue Gun

Hot Glue Sticks



1. Stare at all of your crap for a good amount of time, check out Pinterest for some inspiration, and maybe drink an alcoholic beverage or two

2. Turn on the Hot Glue Gun

3. Carefully affix your extra decorations to the back of your main piece (for instance we glued all of the feathers and stuff to the back of the giant flower) let dry (using hot glue this will take about 1 minute)

4. Glue Flower to Your Headband.

Okay this is where things got tricky. The headbands we had were too small. They would have worked if our flowers had not been so big, but as such they were too small (this didn’t stop us from using them, but we really should have had thicker headbands). Make sure that you get headbands that are big enough to hold what you are trying to use. Also the Hot Glue may melt the plastic of the headband to maybe test it out before you move forward, if this is the case E6000 is a great glue but it will take at least 24 hours to dry.

5. Take lots of ridiculous pictures of you and your friends wearing said headbands!

DIY Derby Headbands

Don’t we look positively Angelic with that filter!

So yeah, that is how you make DIY Derby Headbands for a Bachelorette party that is being held at the horse races in Hot Springs, AR. If you’ve made it this far then I’m considering you a trooper and thus have decided that you can handle some ridiculous pictures from our weekend in Hot Springs. Enjoy!


Let us know your thoughts! Seriously, your thoughts on any subjects are welcome!

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