DIY Superhero Cape

Have you ever been sitting in you house watching Netflix thinking, You know what would make this binge-watching session more enjoyable? A superhero cape! If this is something that has happened to you then we have got you covered. Because, while you were thinking that you needed a superhero cape, we were thinking the very same thing! Of course, there is a very important person who would disagree with us:

superhero cape


But since we are not doing actual superheroy things, I think we are fine. Yeah, so here is a really weird DIY video for you!

DIY Superhero Cape

And here are some actual kind of helpful things!

Materials for a DIY Superhero Cape





Optional Materials

A mask (store bought or homemade)


1. Cut fabric to the length you want it

2. Fold the top of your fabric and cut small slits about two inches apart. Make sure that your slits are big enough to weave your ribbon through

3. Weave your ribbon through the slits at the top of your cape

4. Wear your cape

5. Take your pre-made or homemade mask and cover it in glue

6. Glue Fabric or other decorative objects to your mask

7. Wear your mask

So yeah! That is how you make a DIY Superhero Cape at 2 in the morning! Let us know what you think in the comments!

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