Late to the Party – Warehouse 13

Where have I been, and how did I miss this show? My thanks to Michelle who recommended this one. Its a cross between X-Files and CSI with way more snark and humor, and less grisly murdery bits.

The show operates on the premise that there are magical objects out in the world and that they tend to cause trouble to ordinary people. It is the Warehouse agents’ job to recover these objects and bring them back to the warehouse where they are neutralized and can no longer cause a ruckus.

The shows creators had a field day with filling the warehouse with objects from history, literature and urban legend. Lewis Carroll’s “looking glass” is there, along with the Studio 54 Disco Ball. Sylvia Plaths’ typewriter is also there because it causes contagious bouts of ennui for anyone who comes near it.

The two main characters are Pete Latimer and Myka Bering, along with Artie the Warehouse keeper, (read he’s the Giles for this show) and a scrappy punk know-it-all named Claudia to name a few.

Warehouse 13

Warehouse 13. Image credit SyFy

The gang regularly get their chops busted by the mysterious Mrs. Frederick who is in charge of the Warehouse and that’s about all we know. Though she really does remind me of ‘The Chief’ from Where in the World is Carmen SanDiego.

Mrs. Frederic

It’s  Mrs. Frederic. Image credit SyFy

This show also reminds me of another SciFi series ‘The Lost Room’ which was concerned with a set of objects and how they disappeared a whole host of people and the room that they were in. Rabbit trail here, but ‘The Lost Room’ is a great and I highly recommend it.

Anyways, back to Warehouse 13. The two lead agents really do have the Mulder and Scully thing going on. He’s the goof, get’s ‘vibes’ and believes in whatever is out there, while she’s all business and is the serious one of the two.

Warehouse 13

Warehouse 13. Image credit SyFy

While I’m only on season two, from the IMBD cast list I see that we’ll be seeing four Star Trek Actors join the cast at some point in the coming seasons. Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine), Brent Spiner (Data), Kate Mulgrew (Captain Janeway) and Rene Auberjonois (Odo) all make an appearance! Rene Auberjonois is also the voice behind the greatness of the song from ‘The Little Mermaid,’ Les Poissons. Remember the French Chef? There you have it.

Its campy, its hilarious and its the most fun I’ve had watching TV in awhile. Its also binge worthy. With 5 seasons coming in at a total of 64 episodes, get the popcorn ready. What is your favorite part of Warehouse 13, let us know!

3 Responses to “Late to the Party – Warehouse 13

  • SUCH a good show! I should start watching it again.

  • This show is fantastic. Just wait until you get to HG! Pop and Macphereson!
    You asked for my favorite bit about this show- it has to be the relationship between Artie and Claudia. So sweet and awkward. Love it.

    • I love the relationship between Artie and Claudia! It is exactly what both characters need!

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