6 Must-See Things at Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Harry Potter’s birthday is this Friday and so, of course, we decided that all week should be Harry Potter week here at The Tipsy Verse. Y’all know we love a good themed week…or month! Up first in our Harry Potter line-up is a post about The Wizarding World of Harry Potter with a special (and by special I mean a hot mess) vlog we made!

Before we dive into what you really came for I need to address the fact that this list only contains things found in Hogsmeade. When I went to the Wonderful Wizarding World of Harry Potter last June, Diagon Alley was not yet open so we spent our time in Hogsmeade. Okay, well now that we’ve got that out of the way let’s go ahead and jump into the five things that you’ve got to see and experience when you visit Hogsmeade at Universal Studios in Orlando!

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Wizarding World of Harry Potter Must-Sees


hogwarts 1 - wizarding world

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey / Hogwarts

The Forbidden Journey is the main attraction in Hogsmeade, and until the Gringotts ride opened in Diagon Alley it was the main Harry Potter attraction period! There are so many things I want to tell you about this ride, but I also don’t want to spoil it for you, because it really is best experienced when you don’t know what is coming. I will tell you that it is located inside of Hogwarts. For most of us Potterheads seeing Hogwarts would alone be enough, but the fact that there is a ride inside makes it even more amazing. As far as I know you still can’t use fast passes for this ride, but don’t worry the wait doesn’t feel as long as it is, and once you get inside the castle you’ll forget you’re even waiting in a line.

Tip – After you ride it once with you family / friends, go back through the single rider line to ride it again!


butterbeer - wizarding world


It is no secret that Orlando, Fl is hot. It is hot or at least warm for most of the year, and as such when you are walking around the parks you tend to also get hot. The good news is that Universal Studios has you covered for when you’re in need of a refreshing drink. Straight from The Tree Broomsticks, butterbeer is a perfect treat to cool you down. You can get butterbeer at The Three Brooksticks, or you can visit the Butterbeer wagon that is located in the middle of Hogsmeade. It comes frozen and not frozen. I highly highly recommend the frozen!


dragon challenge - wizarding world

Dragon Challenge

When it first opened the Dragon Challenge was actually Dueling Dragons, but riders kept getting hit with objects coming from the other track so Universal pulled the plug on the Dueling aspect of the ride. However, you can still ride the coaster and you can still choose which dragon you want to ride. We really didn’t have to wait in line for this one at all. In fact, the only time we did wait was when we wanted to ride in the front, but other than that we pretty much just walked on each time. Although, there are some fun things to see in the queue so we took our time walking to ride (because we’re nerds like that). After you ride this one, you will probably want to go back through a few more times just to take in all the things along the path and in the inside queue.


bathrooms - wizrding world

The Restrooms

Yes, you read that correctly. I did just put the restrooms (or public conveniences) in my must-see list for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and no it’s not a PSA about how you should be sure to hydrate and use the restroom regularly (although that is something you probably want to do). The reason the restrooms made my list is because a certain ghost likes to haunt said bathrooms and moan about while you try to relieve yourself. I’m assuming if you are reading a post about Harry Potter then you know of whom I am referring, but just in case you aren’t you can read all about Moaning Myrtle here.


honeydukes  - wizarding world


This mostly ended up on this list because I have a huge sweet tooth, but also it is a really cool shop. Stepping into Honeydukes is like stepping into the film. They really nailed down all of the details and you can spend a significant amount of time taking in the decor and treat offerings. You definitely don’t want to miss Honedukes, but maybe stop by on your way out so that you don’t have to lug around your sweets all day.


ollivanders - wizarding world

Ollivander’s Wand Shop

And, last but not least, Ollivander’s Wand Shop. Let me first tell you that we had to wait a while to get in to see Ollivander. You can just go into the shop attached, but to see Ollivander pick a wand for a lucky witch or wizard you will have to wait in a line that can get rather long. However, it is completely worth the wait if for no other reason then to stand in the middle of Ollivander’s while he moves around finding wands and measuring things. After the short show you can proceed into the shop where you can purchase a wand! Again, if you are purchasing you might want to buy your wand as you are leaving, unless you are getting one of the interactive wands that you can use in throughout the park.


Have you been to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter? What’s on your list of Must-sees?

Oh and before you go, be sure to check out this ridiculous vlog in which we attempt to make homemade butterbeer. The recipe we used can be found on iHeartNapTime


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