Surviving Single Harry Potter Style

Back in December during our 25 Days of Christmas I did a post called Surviving Christmas Harry Potter Style. Well I love Harry Potter gifs so much that I decided to apply this gif-based post format to an existing column we have on the blog: Surviving Single. Thus was born :

Surviving Single Harry Potter Style

Surviving Single Harry Potter Style

Basically I’ve taken all of the worst single-girl situations and provided the perfect response in the form of an awesome Harry Potter Gif. Now all we need is an app that let’s us queue up gifs every time we need to respond to one of these scenarios.


You’re nervous on a first date and you say the first thing that pops into your head.

cats - single harry potter



Immediately following the previous comment about cats.

should not have said that - single harry potter



You show up to meet the guy you’ve been chatting with on Hinge, and after you say hi he promptly responds with, “Oh sorry I’m meeting someone.”

chosen one - single harry potter



You show up to eat dinner and watch Netflix with your couple friends and realize you are being set up with their weird neighbor.

sirius - single harry potter



How you start introducing yourself to every man you ever meet after attending six weddings in two months.

keeper - single harry potter



An attempt at being mysterious via text:

solemny swear - single harry potter


But really you are just lying in bed, wearing sweatpants, watching Netflix, and eating a whole frozen pizza.



When your aunt asks you how the internet dating is going:

angry - single harry potter



You find out that you’re best friends set up a profile and made the password: YourFriendsLoveU

you three - single harry potter



A family friend says, “It will happen when you least expect it, you just have to wait and be patient”

azkaban - single harry potter



Your mom is talking about what it will be like when you give her grand-babies.

dreams - single harry potter



When you finally admit to your friend that you’ve been in love with him for over a decade.

always - single harry potter


Your friends stage an intervention because you just refuse to get over your last relationship. But they just don’t understand:

denial - single harry potter



When you’re initiating a break-up.

snape-control-your-emotions - single harry potter



When you are the one getting dumped.

cry - single harry potter



After a run in with an ex who is at the same party as you with his new girlfriend.

you didn't say anything - single harry potter



Your friends all tell you the plans they have for the weekend with their significant others and then ask you what you’re doing.

plans - single harry potter



You get home after a long day or a bad date and are greeted by the familiar red screen of Netflix.

ron - single harry potter



When you get texts announcing an engagement, wedding, and baby all within a span of 15 minutes.

vomit - single harry potter



Your date says, “So, what is Harry Potter?”

malfoy - single harry potter



Your date says the most horrifying thing they could possibly say: “I don’t like Harry Potter”

shut up - single harry potter



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