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It is pretty well known that we are huge Disney fans at The Tipsy Verse. We are also really lucky to have a good relationship with our local Disney representative and she is super awesome about sending us fun things that we get to share with y’all! I’m going to guess that most people don’t travel to a blog expecting to see a giveaway for Disney Jr.’s Miles From Tomorrowland, but because we are bonafide Disney Kids 4 Life we jump at every opportunity to create more Disney Kids 4 Life. Seriously, you should meet our nieces and nephews they are all big DisNerds.

miles from tomorrowland

Since we received two DVDs we were originally going to use one of the DVDs to do a review and giveaway the other, but we decided that we would giveaway both DVDs. Why? Well, we figured that there were some young DisNerds out there that would get much more enjoyment out of having Miles From Tomorrowland on DVD then any of us would.

That being said, I have seen a few episode of Miles From Tomorrowland and I can tell you that it is a really fun show. I mean has Disney Jr. done anything that isn’t fantastic? No. But Miles From Tomorrowland is a great addition to the lineup especially following the theatrical release of Tomorrowland. Miles gives young Disney fans a chance to experience Tomorrowland and outer space in a way that probably speaks more to them then the film starring George Clooney. In each episode Miles and his family take a new adventure and each adventure is complete with a sidekick robot and cute space age expressions like, “Astrolutely”. Also, the theme song is super catchy! Now, to confirm my assessment was in line with what the kiddos think about Miles From Tomorrowland, I decided to interview my 5 year old niece to see what she thought about the show.


Miles From Tomorrowland: And Interview with Michelle’s 5 Year Old Niece


Q: Have you watched Miles From Tomorrowland on Disney Jr.?

A: Yes


Q: What is Miles From Tomorrowland about?

A: Outer space and a bird


Q: Do you like Miles From Tomorrowland?

A: Yeaaaaass 


So hopefully that is enough information for you to decide if you want to enter our Miles From Tomorrowland giveaway! Both of our giveaway winners will received Miles From Tomorrowland on DVD and a Miles From Tomorrowland poster! To enter all you need to do is fill out the form below!

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