Must Have Geeky School Supplies

It is almost time for a new school year to start, and while none of us are still in school we do remember how exciting it was to get new school supplies. Picking out new notebooks and a variety of pens. Is anything as satisfying as selecting the perfect three ring binder and page dividers? I would love to feel the rush of school supplies shopping once again, however, I would not love going back to high school so I guess I’ll just live vicariously through everyone who is preparing for the first day of school.

Anyway, this post was not meant to be an ode to school supplies even though that would obviously be ridiculously easy for me to write. This post is meant to give young geeks some inspiration for having a geeky school year with awesome geeky school supplies. Who doesn’t want to surround themselves with fandom school supplies? Honestly, most of the school supplies in this post are likely to end up in a fair share of cubicles as well, because we geeks aren’t ever really too old for geeky office / school supplies are we? No, we are not.


Magic Spell Notebooks

Every Harry Potter fan knows that school supplies that makes you feel like you are in Hogwarts definitely makes the clock move faster. These are both great Magic Spell Notebook options that will make you feel like your sitting in Advanced Potions instead of Chemistry.

school supplies - magic spell notebooks - literary emporium

Available through LiteraryEmporium via Etsy; $6.43 +shipping; Click Image for link


school supplies - magic spell notebooks - amazon

Available on; $18.85; Click Image for Link


Sonic Screwdriver Pens

As long as you’re not trying to write on wood, these Sonic Screwdriver pens are necessary school supplies for any young Doctor Who fan. Sure, you can take notes with an everyday BIC, but there is no reason to do that when you could take History notes with a pen modeled after the 10th or 11th Doctors’ Sonic Screwdrivers.

school supplies - 12th doctor sonic screwdriver pen

10th Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver Pen; Available at Think Geek; $29.99; Click Image for Link


school supplies - 11th doctor sonic screwdriver pen

12th Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver Pen; Available on Amazon; $24.95; Click Image for Link


Marvel Messenger Bags

These awesome Marvel Messenger bags are a subtle way to let your Geek flag fly during the school day. They are undeniably a reference to the Marvel Universe, but they aren’t subtle enough that only those familiar with the references will get it. Both of these Messenger bags (and several others) can be found at We Love Fine.

school supplies - jean grey school

school supplies - nova corps messenger bag



Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Lunchbox

I am seriously considering getting one of these to bring my lunch to work. This Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Lunchbox from Hot Topic is perfect! A lot of fandom themed lunchboxes are either super childish or tin, but this one is neither. It looks like a pizza box and it isn’t tin. I know that tin lunchboxes are cool (I even have a Smurgs one) but they just aren’t practical. They are loud and you can’t squeeze anything into them, if it doesn’t if, it doesn’t fit.

school supplies - tmnt lunch box

Available through Hot Topic; $19.50; Click on Image for Link



Sherlock Daily Planner

I feel like if I had this planner in high school it would have turned into my own version of Harriet the Spy’s journal, full of observations and clue instead of assignments. However, I know everyone reading this post would be more responsible and not get drawn in to the idea of being a sleuth. Either way, this Sherlock planner would definitely be on my must have list!

school supplies - sherlock planner

Available from Ruskerville via Etsy; $24.00; Click on Image for Link


Pop Culture Pencils

I stumbled across a treasure trove of an etsy store that has an amazing collection of engraved pencils. I want to own all of these pencils and several of the sets available through thecarboncrusader’s Etsy store. All of these sets are available here, and don’t blame me if you end up checking out with $50 dollars worth of pencils in your cart.

school supplies - blair waldorf

What would Blair Waldorf Do – Gossip Girl Pencils via thecarboncrusader


school supplies - legally blonde pencils

Legally Blonde Pencils via thecarboncrusader


school supplies - mean girls

Mean Girls Pencils via thecarboncrusader


Okay, so I haven’t been out of school so long that I’ve forgotten what kind of school supplies you need, and as such I know that the above isn’t all of the school supplies that is on your list this year. However, I think that these are definitely some school supplies that will give you a bit of a geeky flair next to the typical 3 ring binders, notebook paper, and highlighters.


What school supplies has you geeking out this year?


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  • I don’t even go to school and I want some of these! Love Ruskerville planners…I currently use their HP Gryffindor version. Love those Mean Girls pencils too!

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