Elevenses: Happy Birthday & The Blood Moon

Before you start, I have to tell you that we did not forget about #TheYoungElitesWeek, but today’s post was a social post. You can find out who my favorite The Young Elites character is by heading to one of the following social media platforms (while you’re there you should also like or follow us, because we’re awesome…duh) Tumblr, Facebook, or Instagram. Now, on to Elevenses fun, and boy what fun do we have to share today!


I will now only eating cookies cut from these cookie cutters.

Hallelujah! “Happy Birthday to You” is free to use after 80 years of being under ‘copyright’.

Dallas peeps, listen up! Alamo Drafthouse and Texas Theater are working together to bring you a very special themed screening of Back to the Future on October 21, 2015 @ 7:28pm. If you don’t know what that particular date and time are important then this probably isn’t for you. Tickets Here (no we don’t get any money if you buy a ticket, we just like sharing cool stuff with you).

Alamo DFW - Texas Theater - Back to The Future 2 - Elevenses


If you are feeling sad that you are not able to attend Disney World for Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, be sad no more. You can watch the full Hocus Pocus Villain Spectacular online!!!! It is AMAZING! Also, does anyone else ever think about how much flack Disney would get for releasing Hocus Pocus today? We recently re-watched it and picked up on a lot more than we did as kids.


Movie Pilot is reporting that Disney has their eye on a certain British actress for the remake of ‘Mary Poppins’.

Ummm…did Harry Potter not teach us anything about Unicorns? We know what happens when you drink Unicorn blood, but what about Unicorn tears?

On behalf of all Whovians, Thank you BBC America for this little piece of awesome.

We’re always on the look out for new Geeky Loot and now there is a website that brings you different loot to choose from ever seven days. It is aptly named Geeky Loot.

On September 27th a Total Lunar Eclipse is expected to occur resulting in a blood moon.

Any Hufflepuffs in the house? The Atlantic is defending your house!

And finally, let’s end with a post from Matt Belassai that we can all relate to.

matt bellasai - elevenses - happy birthday


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