Elevenses: Dine at Hogwarts?! YES PLEASE.

Welcome to our last Elevenses of September! That’s right – it’s almost October and a month full of watching Hocus Pocus, Halloweentown, and eating as many pumpkin shaped Reese’s as we can. CANNOT WAIT. But for now, read through what we’re loving this week!

➳ First things first, the most important news of the week has to be that you can now dine in the Great Hall at Hogwarts! Just in time for the Happy Christmas season, you can visit and enjoy a feast straight out of our favorite books and films. With a hefty fee of about $350/person this one goes on our dream Christmas list for sure.

➳ Early movie news, but Nerdist is reporting that it looks like we may get a sequel to Enchanted starring our favorite clueless Disney princess Giselle! The working title is Disenchanted and we’re excited to see what hijinks Giselle and Pip may get into this time around. 

One of our fav ladies, Mindy Kaling, insta’d a pic with one of our fav men…well sort of. If we dinna love Claire and Jamie so much maybe we’d ship an absolutely hilarious Mindy Lahiri/Jamie Fraser matchup. Plus that TARDIS in the back is just a bonus to our nerd hearts!


Besides the amazing Harry Potter-in-real-life news, the other major news this week has been NASA’s discovery of water on Mars. We already knew that there was evidence of water in the past on Mars, but this new finding shows it’s there now. Us Whovians know that this could lead to some not so great things…



We’re assuming by now everyone is Bloodmoon-Supermoon-Eclipsed out but National Geographic has a gorgeous roundup of the top pics from around the world. Definitely beats out my horrible attempt made on my Edge 6!

For your daily dose of ADORABLE, check out these urban foxes living the tech dream in Silicon Valley. We’re a little partial to this smiling ball of fluff, aptly named Cute.


I’m not usually one to decorate – least crafty Tipsy over here for sure! – but I love this simple Fall-themed centerpiece from actress Eva Amurri Martino’s blog. Not only does it look gorgeous, but even I could figure this one out!

We millennials have been the focus of a lot of media/internet talk lately and we’re loving this “modern hair study” from photographer Tara Bogart. The variety of colors, cuts, and styles really speaks to our culture of expressing ourselves. I can’t even pick just one to showcase – definitely click through for some hair inspiration!

Lastly, Tuesday was National Coffee Day so hopefully you all took advantage of this! Even though we’re a day behind we hope you tried the new Toasted Graham Latte at Starbucks (Tiffany recommends getting a smaller size as its hella sweet) or maybe you made your own a la Pioneer Woman – side note, I’ve been meaning to try this for years because it literally does look perfect.



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