Elevenses: A Very Merry Birthday!

Happy Wednesday y’all! And what a Wednesday – today is Michelle’s birthday! *drops confetti from the ceiling* Read on for links we love this week and the perfect cake to make in honor of her big day!


In honor of Michelle’s birthday – and her love of sprinkles, sparkles and anything in Rainbow Brite colors – we thought this Confetti Snack Cake from How Sweet Eats’ Jessica would be perfect!


I am not a creative person – like at all – but these adorable DIY projects might convince me to try my hand at being all Pinterest-y in real life.

The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my all time favs and these amazing cosplays prove why it’s so awesome!

Staying on the movie kick, we finally got our first good look at the new Pride and Prejudice and Zombies trailer. Can I just say Matt Smith as Mr. Collins is way too attractive. He’s supposed to be a creeper! Ugh.  But I am loving Lily James as Elizabeth.

Potential spoilers (sweetie) but we are OBSESSED with the guitar intro for Doctor Who from this past week’s episode, Before the Flood. We need this as a ringtone – now.

One of my fav food bloggers is releasing a cake-themed calendar which is pretty much the perfect calendar for me. Head on over to Molly Yeh and see the adorably delicious drawings and details on how to order one for me – I mean, for yourself

Now that Fall is in full swing (despite the summer 90 degree temps we have here in DFW) these no-carve pumpkin decor ideas from Lovely Indeed might be the perfect decorations to help it FEEL like it’s actually autumn.

These illustrations by artist Kristina Webb are phenomenal – she uses real items to complete the images like these gorgeous and colorful nail “pencils”.


We also love these adorable (and true) comics of what its like to be a modern day woman from Sarah’s Scribbles – you’ve probably seen them on social media already but her collection is impressive and hilarious.


What are you loving on the Internets this week? Let us know in the comments below!


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