DIY Halloween Cards and Treats

Here at the Tipsy Verse we completely understand what its like to be busy, and never have enough time. However, in our spare time between 12 and 2 AM we did figure out how to do a simple DIY Halloween themed treat bag.  With just a few handmade touches you can liven up store bought treats and add a personal touch to your Halloween party. Here’s how to get crafty with a few supplies.

Halloween Treats

Halloween Treats

Supply List

  • Colored Cardstock (orange, black, white)
  • Pen & Ink of choice
  • Embossing Powder
  • Heat Gun
  • Stamps (Optional)
  • Stamp Pad
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Treat Bags


Stamps and Embossing

I love stamps. I have to forbid myself from going down the stamp aisle at craft stores or I will buy more of them. So naturally it was during one of my self imposed stamp embargoes that I found the PEFECT Halloween stamp. Yes, I broke my own rule and bought it. (It was on sale….). But in my defense it was a stamp with Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven on it. How could I not? Anyways, stamps are the easiest way to make a card look fabulous, especially if you finish it with some embossing powder.

If you are new to embossing, its simply a powder that you sprinkle over a stamped image. The powder clings to the ink of the image that was stamped, and the excess powder can be shaken off. Then you use a heat gun and it will melt the powder and form a raised 3D image of the stamp. Embossing powder comes in all sorts of color and varieties like metallic, matte, glitter etc.



Step 1 – Main Image

When you are doing treat bags for a large group of people stamps can make the work a lot easier, and it still looks spiffy. I found this fantastic Edgar Allan Poe stamp just in time for Halloween, but there are no shortage of stamps at any craft store. Embossing is not a requirement, I just love how it looks. Find a good stamp pad and pick your paper.



Step 2 – Tag

I love to make ‘gift tags’ for treat bags, so I use them whenever possible. For this Halloween craft I used different Halloween related words for the tags, but you could also put names on them if you were making the treat bags for specific people. That can add a great touch.

I used a calligraphy style and a bottle of ink to write the words, and then I used the embossing powder on them because it adds a cool finished look to the tag. However, pick your favorite pen and go for it!

Halloween Treats

Halloween Treats

Step 3 – Assemble

Pick a bag, find some ribbon and put it all together. I think curling ribbon is great to work with because its inexpensive and it comes in just about every color. And you can curl it with scissors and make it look nice.

I found these cool spider web print treat bags at a local craft store, but plain plastic sandwich bags would work just fine as well. (The kind without the zip lock on them).


We hope you try our DIY Halloween treat bags. Are you getting craft? Let us know!


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  • So cute and simple! Definitely something quick and easy to do over a weekend, thanks for sharing!

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