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Comic Book culture has given rise to incredibly popular franchises that are now mainstream – who hasn’t seen The Avengers or The Guardians of the Galaxy? As fans, we love to collect and wear things that show off the love we have for our favorite fandoms and characters, and for the most part, there is a wide range of options for people to choose from. We see people sporting everything from Soft Kitty shirts to Star Wars classics and yet, Houston – we have a problem. Plus-size girls are having to search a lot harder to find anything remotely as cool as their slimmer counterparts have.

So what are the best places online and in stores for us bigger girls to get our geek on? Below is a list of some of the best options currently available. We can only hope that the fashion industry takes note that bigger girls will buy geeky stuff – if it is out there to buy.

Her Universe is a cool site that has a small (but cool!) collection of Plus Size geeky shirts and clothing that are actually meant to flatter the plus size female figure. Prices range from $20 – $75 typically, which may seem like a lot, but because these things are so hard to find, it might be worth it.

Her Universe

Pinup Girl Clothing has an extremely limited selection of plus size geeky tee-shirts but what they do offer is cute and comfortable. I would really like to see them expand on this line. However, if you are a girl who loves the retro look, this is the place to go! They offer a huge range of dresses in styles from the 1920’s – the 1960’s, and their quality is unbeatable. They offer sizes up to 4x and have free US shipping for orders over $75.

Pinup Girl Clothing

Modcloth is a site where you will every now and then find something that you cannot live without. They offer a large (no pun intended) selection of plus size clothes in an array of styles and fits – and they have some cute pop culture type shirts and dresses with adorable sayings and things like squirrels wearing pirate hats, dancing unicorns, or math and science dresses that are sure to turn heads! Some geeky shirts on the site have included Sherlock, Star Wars, and Game of Thrones. They also offer skirts in a variety of cool patterns – they have a comic book skirt that is adorable. Definitely check out modcloth!


Thinkgeek is a place all of us know and love. I had to include it on this list because they actually DO have a small selection of geeky clothing for plus size girls – its just not expansive enough by any means. Nowhere can you see more clearly how much is available for those who are not plus size and those that are. It is a problem and we wish that Thinkgeek would expand their size options for more of their apparel.



Welovefine is a cool site that was built by fans for fans and they actually have shirts and sweaters with awesome geeky designs that are not of the same unisex variety that we’ve all come to know and sort of hate from places like Teefury. Each item has its own size chart and you will need to refer to it and compare your measurements to make sure its a good fit. Most of the sizes only go up to a 2x although I have seen a few 3x here and there.


RedBubble is amazing and has a huge gallery of designs to pick from as well as shirts that go up to a 2x typically – with your choice of fit. They have a relaxed fit option as well as v-neck and scoop neck, so you can pick the type of shirt that fits you best. Of course we would still like to see more of a size range here – not everyone (including me!) fits into a 2x comfortably. I’d like to see them expand to have a 3x and 4x option.

redbubble – Has a rad selection of really cool Tee shirts, tank tops, and leggings for plus size ladies, that go up to a 3xl. They are a bit pricey ($40 range typically) but they have really adorable stuff, so you might want to check them out!

fan – Its nice to see a company that caters to both regular and plus size geeky ladies. They offer a fair range of sizes in women’s shirts and go up to a 4xl. If you’re a geeky gamer then this is definitely a place you need to shop!


While these are some great options to find some cute geeky clothing options for plus size girls, it definitely isn’t enough. We implore those in the fashion industry to really take a look at the plus size market and give us the options that we all want. Our dollars are the same as everyone else’s, and we’ve been waiting for a long time.

It is my hope that we will be able to offer more true Plus Sizes at in the future.

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Do you want to see more Plus Size options for female fans? Have you found other places that aren’t mentioned above? Please leave a comment and let us know!

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  • Thank you for this! I have a hard time finding stuff in my size, although sometimes I’m lucky and can squeeze in an XL if it’s generously cut. Torrid is all plus size and has lots of geeky dresses and tops 🙂

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