Elevenses: Rupert Grint & the new #MissAdventures

It has been two weeks since we last posted an Elevenses so please excuse the fact that some of this is old news. But as all geekettes know, just because something is old news doesn’t mean it isn’t still exciting news!


There is a chance that Rupert Grint will be gracing our television screens on a weekly basis, and I can hardly contain my excitement. Are there any Potterheads out there who are also excited by Rupert landing this NBC pilot?

Rupert Grint - Elevenses

Nici’s Chatter Box’s ode to Doctor Who Sweaters made my Monday so I thought I’d share it in hopes that it will make you Wednesday even better!

Have scientist just created a real life sonic screwdriver?

They are the images that surfaced last week and that we still can’t stop talking about: Fantasitcal Beasts and Where to Find Them

The Walking Dead has it’s new villain and it is a face that we don’t at all mind seeing!

I’ve recently been on another cleaning/reorganizing mission and this post about how to organize a hutch shelf gave me some great inspiration as to how to maximize my visible shelf space while still maintaining an interesting and neat display.

We are seriously thinking about planning a wine night just to have a reason to make this recipe.

Wes Anderson is inspiring runway fashion, and I am totally on board (this might, in large part, be due to the fact that I secretly wish I could live in a world that is stylized like a Wes Anderson film)!

Hey crafty geeks, Adelepo has a great guide for getting started on Etsy. Am I adding the link to this post because I still think that one day I will turn all of the craft supplies I’ve been hoarding into something I can sell? Absolutely.

Sarah Kessler recently wrote an interesting article for Fast Company about the growing presence of YouTube and the fame that it has given to many of it’s stars. I, for one, am always interested in reading things about new media, hopefully you are too!

And to end this Elevenses on a high note I’m going to embed the new Kate Spade #MissAdventure, because I firmly believe that one can never have enough Anna Kendrick in their life.


What are you geeking out about this week?


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