5 Sensational Seasonal Foods

While I am fully aware that today is Saturday, this is actually a Five Fandom Friday post. I am so excited to share my favorite seasonal foods. A lot of seasons boast seasonal foods, but none are quite as memorable as the foods that are specific to Thanksgiving and Christmas. Just a heads up, I don’t really cook so I’ve linked to some recipes that I’ve found but I own none of them.


Peppermint Bark

I am a weird peppermint fanatic. I love all things peppermint, even essential oils (which I use to sometimes help alleviate migraines). Throughout the year I eat various peppermint foods like peppermint ice cream from Braum’s, or just a bag of peppermints (the hard kind, not those blasphemous soft kind). But, only in the fall/winter do I get to enjoy my favorite peppermint treat: Peppermint Bark.

Seasonal Foods - Peppermint Bark

Now I’ve found a recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction that looks doable. For those who are looking for a non-DIY option I really like William Sonoma’s The Original Peppermint Bark (pictured above) and the best Peppermint Bark I’ve ever had came from Wiseman House Chocolates. They don’t currently have it available on their website, but if you are in or around Hico, TX and can get your hands on some of their peppermint bark, I highly recommend it.


Green Bean Casserole

There are two things we have to have every Thanksgiving: Green Bean Casserole and Sweet Potato Casserole. On two occasions my mother and aunt have tried to eliminate one or the other from the Thanksgiving spread and both my cousin and I threw a wall-eyed fit. The funny part about that is that I do not care for sweet potatoes and my cousin is not a huge fan of Green Bean Casserole, but we both agree that if one or the other is missing it just isn’t Thanksgiving. I guess the purpose of that whole story was to explain how much of a seasonal food must-have Green Bean Casserole is in my opinion.

Seasonal Foods - Green Bean Casserole

Here is a recipe from Kitchen Meets Girl (the picture above is of her recipe) that I feel is pretty similar to the way my family makes our Green Bean Casserole (again, I wouldn’t know this for sure as I don’t really cook and my only job on Thanksgiving is tearing up bread for stuffing and yelling to let everyone know that the Broadway shows are performing during the Macy’s Parade).


Potato Soup

I don’t know that many people would consider Potato Soup to be a distinctly Fall/Winter seasonal food, but I have always only eaten it during November and December. My aunt makes the best Potato Soup and any time the temperature would drop, she would send my cousin and I outside to play and then have a wonderful bowl of Potato Soup waiting for us when we came back inside. Also, for the longest time my family would always eat Potato Soup on Christmas Eve. Maybe not the most normal of Christmas traditions, but it was ours. However, now that my nieces are older we make homemade pizzas on Christmas Eve so that they can be apart of the Christmas Eve dinner fun.

Seasonal Foods - Potato Soup

This recipe from Gimme Some Oven looks absolutely delicious (see picture above, it belongs to Gimme Some Oven, not me).


Deviled Eggs

Like the Potato Soup, Deviled Eggs probably don’t seem like a seasonal food, but I most associate them with Thanksgiving. In my family, Deviled Eggs are a most coveted Thanksgiving side. It has gotten so bad on occasion that family members have been known to sneak in before lunch and hide a plate full of eggs in an undisclosed location (usually behind something in the fridge or in the fridge that is located in my aunt and uncle’s barn – we’re a little bit county y’all).

Seasonal Foods - Deviled Eggs

Six Sisters’ Stuff has a recipe entitled Easy Deviled Eggs (pictured above) and I am all about the easy recipes!


Christmas Cookies

I think if I had to pick my favorite Holiday Tradition, I would pick Christmas baking with my mom. Every year we have a day (sometimes two) when all we do is bake Christmas goodies for all of our friends and family. It also so happens that my favorite Holiday Tradition involves making one of my favorite seasonal foods: Christmas Cookies. Now we mostly stick to sugar cookies that my nieces like to assault with entire bottles of sprinkles, but we also make M&M cookies with red and green M&M’s. And, we’ve been known to throw in a few other types of cookies or treats as well.

Seasonal Foods - Christmas Cookies

I can’t give you the sugar cookie recipe that I use because it is a family secret, but my favorite M&M cookie recipe is straight off the back of the mini baking M&M’s bag. Tastebook has the recipe on their site, but the recipe is almost always on the back of the bag.


What are your favorite seasonal foods? Share in the comments and link to recipes if you’ve got ’em!


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