10 Great Hallmark Christmas Movies

I am, in no way, ashamed or shy about my Hallmark addiction. I can spend hours upon hours watching movies and tv shows on the Hallmark Channel. The reason that most people claim to dislike Hallmark is the very reason that I love it. I love that all of their movies are emotional and predictable. Sometimes it just feels good to feel things. This is especially true around the holidays, and no one does Christmas like Hallmark. Hallmark Christmas Movies are a big part of our Christmas festivities.

My mother and I are huge followers of Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas. We read about the new movies and set the DVR, and every night that a new film premieres we either watch it together or text each other about the new film. Seriously, from the beginning of November until New Years our televisions are basically permanently set to Hallmark Channel. We’ve even been able to get my dad engrossed in a movie or five. I thought it would be fun as we countdown to Christmas to share with you ten of my favorite Hallmark Christmas Movies.

10 Great Hallmark Christmas Movies


A Holiday Engagement

Hallmark Christmas Movies - Holiday Engagement

Shelley Long is the epitome of an overbearing mother in A Holiday Engagement. Hilary Burns is dumped right before Thanksgiving and fearful of facing her mother sans the fiance her family has never met she hires an actor to pretend to be her ex-fiance for the weekend. Clearly this story isn’t set up for anything to go wrong…


Window Wonderland

Hallmark Christmas Movies - Window Wonderland

Fun fact: I love department store windows. I have always loved seeing the different designs and marketing that pop up in windows each season, and the holiday season always produces the best window displays. Window Wonderland explores the behind the scenes of these artful creations and it is an absolute joy to watch these two dueling window designers compete to see who is the best!


A Princess for Christmas

Hallmark Christmas Movies - Princess for Christmas

Back in 2011 Hallmark knew what Starz would learn when they set out to cast Outlander: Sam Heughan is HOT! Not only is he hot in A Princess for Christmas, he is charming and just flat out adorable. Not to mention that he is perfectly matched by Katie McGrath who adds an extra layer of charm as American antiques seller, Jules Daly. I’ve seen this movie way too many times, but I’ve got to say it is definitely helping with this current Droughtlander.


The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Hallmark Christmas Movies - Most Wonderful Time of the Year

This movie has been around for a while, but I hadn’t seen it until a week or so ago. I have to say, I’m really upset that I’ve missed out on this adorable film for so long. I would be lying Henry Winkler’s presence wasn’t a big part of why I loved this film, but I also loved it because of the great commentary it makes about how we tend to get wrapped up in the wrong things around the holidays.


Let it Snow

Hallmark Christmas Movies - Let it Snow

Let is Snow is not only one of my favorite Hallmark Christmas Movies, it is also the inspiration behind our most popular post to date. In the film Stephanie Beck (Candace Cameron Bure) visits a lodge that her father has purchased in order to assess what can be done to make the lodge a vacation destination. The lodge goes all out for Christmas and each day is filled with traditions and holiday fun. On one day Stephanie learns about The Feast of St. Thomas, which inspired me to write a post that gets a lot of attention around the holidays. I take it as a sign that I’m not the only Hallmark fanatic out there!


The Good Witch’s Gift

Hallmark Christmas Movies - Good Witchs Gift

This is on the list because I absolutely adore The Good Witch movies. This series of Hallmark films is magical and wonderful. The Good Witch’s Gift is extra magical because it is set a few weeks before Christmas and it seems like everything in the world is against Jake and Cassandra’s wedding.


Fir Crazy

Hallmark Christmas Movies - Fir Crazy

I really like Sarah Lancaster but her performance is only a small part of why I love Fir Crazy. This movie seriously makes me want to quit my job and buy a Christmas tree farm. I mean, who doesn’t love a Christmas Tree? There are so many reasons why I think that you should check out this movie, but really I just want you to watch it because it is so cute and fun!


Christmas Under Wraps

Hallmark Christmas Movies - Christmas Under Wraps

This is one of those where you’re not sure if there is something magical going on, but there is obviously something magical going on. It is basically your big city girl moves to a small town and finds the real meaning of life story, but with a great Christmas twist!


A Cookie Cutter Christmas

Hallmark Christmas Movies - Cookie Cutter Christmas

If I was going to be in one of the Hallmark Christmas Movies, this would be it. I would inevitably end up in a cookie baking contest against an old school rival. Only, I probably wouldn’t have the hot guy trying to win my affections. Of course, that’s why this is a movie and why I love to watch it!


A Boyfriend for Christmas

Hallmark Christmas Movies - Boyfriend for Christmas

This movie is on the list for one reason, and that’s because every year I watch it and think maybe this is the year santa will answer my Christmas Wish and send me a boyfriend for Christmas.


What are your favorite Hallmark Christmas Movies?


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