DIY Nerdflakes with Flirty Dirty & Oh So Nerdy

Do You Wanna Make Some Nerdflakes?

Tis the season for holiday decorating! The halls are decked with ornaments declaring your love for SuperWhoLock, stockings fit for house elves line the fireplace with care, and the tree is topped with a Weeping Angel. Don’t just settle there; bring your geekdom to the window, to the wall. After last year’s snowpocalypse, I’m no longer dreaming of a white Christmas. But while I hope I won’t have to be shoveling anytime soon, I certainly don’t mind whiting out my windows with plenty of snowflakes!

Via Flirty Dirty & Oh So Nerdy

Via Flirty Dirty & Oh So Nerdy

Making paper snowflakes is my absolute favorite way to decorate for the holidays. They’re delicate, classic, and show off my creative side. But anyone can make those traditional crystalline shapes. You deserve Nerdflakes! I first discovered the magical world of nerdflakes through Pinterest, where I learned that I could create the major Houses of Westeros with relative ease. However, it wasn’t until I was home sick one day, that I let my creativity and scissors go wild. I ended up with dozens of paper snowflakes depicting everything from Batman to the One Ring, Quidditch to Daleks. Ok, I might be a bit crazy, but if you’re by any chance itching to make some of these yourself, here’s my Crash Course to Nerdflakes.


Nerdflakes Crafting Supplies

Via Flirty Dirty & Oh So Nerdy

Via Flirty Dirty & Oh So Nerdy

  1. Paper, obviously – you can’t make paper snowflakes without it! Regular printer paper will do, but make sure you cut it into a square.
  2. Scissors – different sizes possess different powers. Big ones cut through layers of folded paper, but small ones are better at fine details.
  3. Pencil – making your own design? You’ll need a pencil to sketch your plan.
  4. X-Acto Knife – if you’re going to go hardcore and make a Death Star, you’re going to need a sharp x-acto knife to get into those corners. This was probably the most exciting thing I’ve ever bought; nothing is as satisfying as slicing through paper like butter.
  5. Cutting board – don’t ruin your furniture! If you’re going to be using an x-acto knife, make sure you do it on a cutting board.
Via Flirty Dirty & Oh So Nerdy

Via Flirty Dirty & Oh So Nerdy

Represent Your Fandom

Now that you have everything to make some impressive nerdflakes, now’s the hard part: which one of your many obsessions are you going to make? Fortunately, there are many many resources out there to get you started.

  • These amazing Game of Thrones templates are what inspired me!
  • You know, I’ve heard something about a Star Wars movie coming out. You’ll need to prepare for that.
  • For your Who Christmas Special.
  • Don’t be afraid to Google/Pinterest more ideas! Can you make some of these?

Many of these templates allow you to print out and start cutting immediately!

What if you want to start from scratch? No problem!

Via Flirty Dirty & Oh So Nerdy

Via Flirty Dirty & Oh So Nerdy

I created these Hufflepuff and Slytherin snowflakes on my own by tracing a basic starting image and expanding off that. Can you spot the snake and badger? Here are some tips if you’re feeling creative:

  1. Start with the basic 6-point pattern. Martha will show you how!
  2. Don’t cut all at once! The last thing you want to do is hack your snowflake to pieces. Start with one element at a time. Stop. Evaluate. Make sure you’re happy, and then move onto the next design.
  3. Keep it geometric. Not a golden rule by any means, but I’ve found that the best looking flakes play with simple geometric patterns.
  4. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes! Usually a slip-up is just the start of something even cooler.

Now that I’ve got you started, I gotta get back to making some Nerdflakes of my own! I wonder if I can fit all twelve doctors onto one? Thanks to the Tipsies for letting me guest post this month, and feel free to share your fantastic paper creations! Happy Holidays!

DIY Nerdflakes by Flirty Dirty & Oh So Nerdy

What fandom would inspire your Nerdflakes?


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