My Fangirl Life Presents: Christmas Movie Date Night…with your Fav Fictional Men

The holiday season is upon up! Now that the Christmas trees are up and the snow is falling outside, I am sure all you want to do is curl up next to the fire. Perhaps with a special someone? Christmas movies are a time-honored tradition at this time of year and also happen to make for an excellent movie date night theme. You can curl up with your honey in the glow of the Christmas lights and enjoy a holiday classic…but which one do you choose??? I am here to help with a list of some of the best Christmas movies of all time and the perfect date to watch each of them with…ok, so the dates are fictional, but I know that we all consider these fandom men our “perfect matches”.


Christmas Movie Date Night With Your Favorite Fictional Men

Christmas Movie Date - Harry Potter + Home Alone
Date: Harry Potter
Movie: Home Alone (s)
Being raised as a muggle, Harry wasn’t allowed many luxuries but I like to think he might have got to watch Christmas movies whilst cleaning the living room as Dudley lounged on the couch. Home Alone had to be one of those movies! Dudley would love the mayhem Macaulay Culkin’s character caused. Harry, on the other hand, could pick up tricks to use on him enemies…should magic ever not be working out for him.


Christmas Movie Date - Sherlock + The Grinch
Date: Sherlock
Movie: How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Let’s be honest: he’s going to tear apart any movie you watch. Sherlock would be a nightmare as a cinematic companion, pointing out inconsistencies, plot holes, and facts about the characters that probably weren’t even scripted. At least with this Dr. Seuss classic there are so many things that aren’t supposed to make sense that his logic will be irrelevant. Whos in Whoville playing with Flu Floopers and Tar Tinklers will be outside his realm of ridicule, you know, seeing as they don’t exist. Plus you can lure him in with the mystery-style title 😉 Protip: Stick to the cartoon. The live action Grinch may be too much for this detective…plus the cartoon is better anyways!


Date: The Doctor
Movie: Hmmm…The Doctor’s personality can vary so much with each reincarnation; let’s break down the movie date by regeneration…


Christmas Movie Date - Ninth Doctor + It's a Wonderful Life
Date: The 9th Doctor
Movie: It’s a Wonderful Life
The 9th Doctor is running away from the ravages of the Time War. He travels to Earth in search of adventures & people that will make him happy, that will give him hope. And what’s more hopeful than the holiday classic It’s a Wonderful Life?


Christmas Movie Date - Tenth Doctor + The Polar Express
Date: The 10th Doctor
Movie: The Polar Express
There’s something about a magical train carrying a child off on an unbelievable adventure that I think any of the Doctor’s regenerations would find appealing, but especially Ten. He can be very dark, but we don’t want to encourage that. We want to encourage his loving, helpful self. The part of him that wants to help a child find the real meaning of Christmas.


Christmas Movie Date- Eleventh Doctor + Elf
Date: The 11th Doctor
Movie: Elf
What else would you give the King of Silliness but the silliest movie of all time? The 11th Doctor will LOVE Buddy the Elf…just be prepared for him to adopt the philosophy that the 4 food groups are: Candy, Candy Corn, Candy Canes, & Syrup. And the lack of living snowmen, actual Santa Claus, and horrifically tragic departures won’t trigger any bad memories of his Christmas past.


MFL Image 6 - Twelfth Doctor + Gremlins
Date: The 12th Doctor
Movie: Gremlins
Not your typical Christmas movie, but also not your typical movie date. Twelve is always searching for adventure and desperate for intrigue; he’ll eat Gremlins up. ProTip: Make sure you reinforce the idea that this IS NOT REAL. He does not need to save the people in the television screen.


MFL Image 7 - Sam Winchester + Miracle on 34th Street
Date: Sam Winchester
Movie: Miracle on 34th Street
Sam spent the majority of his childhood touring the country, worrying his father (& often brother) may be dead…not exactly an ideal way to live. And definitely not an ideal lifestyle to inspire a picture perfect Christmas. All Sam has ever wanted was the classic cookie-cutter holiday season, so definitely pick a classic for your movie night! Plus he’s a softie, so Miracle on 34th Street provides an opportunity for you both to get a little tear-y eyed.


MFL Image 8 - Dean Winchester + Die Hard
Date: Dean Winchester
Movie: Die Hard
What? Die Hard’s a Christmas movie. Anyone who has seen it will back me up; it takes place at Christmas. Dean’s a guy’s-guy who wants to see shoot outs, car chases, and explosions…not family dinners, romantic gestures, and “the true meaning of Christmas.” After all the hard work he does to keep you safe from demons, ghosts, & ghouls doesn’t he deserve a little R&R his way?


MFL Image 9 - Jon Snow + Love Actually
Date: Jon Snow
Movie: Love Actually
Jon Snow is all talk of honor & his vows, but you know that deep down all he really wants is a loving wife and house full of kids. He’s a romantic at heart. So thaw out this Night’s Watchmen with the modern classic Love Actually. He’ll laugh, he’ll cry, and maybe, by the end of the movie, he’ll be ready to tell you that his vow of celibacy is a no longer an issue.


Now you’re ready! No matter who your date is (real or fictional) you are equipped to choose the perfect Christmas movie for date night! Happy viewing!

Love & Luck,
Kris + the My Fangirl Life Team

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What would a Christmas Movie Date Night look like with your favorite fictional character?


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