What to Put on Your DIY Christmas Card

According to Holiday Insights today is Christmas Card Day, which honestly sounds really stressful. I normally don’t send Christmas cards, but this year I actually ordered some (basically I fell victim to a 60% off sale that Vistaprint was having around Black Friday / Cyber Monday). Anyway, Christmas cards usually aren’t my thing, but I know that many people love to send Christmas Cards. I also know that many people like to DIY their own Christmas Cards, and sometimes the hardest part of DIYing is getting started.

To help my fellow DIYers that are taking on the task of making their own Christmas Card, I have come up with some inspiration for you. Basically, I turned to my favorite quick-graphics site Canva.com (no, I’m not getting paid to tell you about them) and made some rough draft Christmas cards that will hopefully give you a good starting point.


Christmas Card from the Multitasker

Christmas Card Ideas - Every Holiday

I live for multitasking. While I’m writing this post I’m carrying on like 8 text conversations and listening to the Nerdist Podcast. Multitasking is a beautiful thing and I see no reason why a Christmas card can’t also be proficient in the art of multitasking. Forget having to send a card for each occasion, just cover them all at Christmastime and then live worry free until next December.


Christmas Card from the Cat Lover

Christmas Card Ideas - Cat Lover

Really, I designed this one for my mom. Sadly, we lost our family cat, Elsa, earlier this year (she either went on a walkabout or became fox food…we aren’t really sure), however, my mom quickly pushed away her grief when she realized that she could put up all of her Christmas decorations this year! Cat owners know that Christmas with cats is challenging and when my parents had a cat my mom was not able to decorate for fear of the cat destroying precious Christmas memorabilia.


Christmas Card from the Puzzle Master

Christmas Card Ideas - Puzzle

Isn’t there an app that let’s you solve emoji puzzles? Are you obsessed with it? Well this card will let you send your love of puzzles to all of the people in your life! Just don’t be a jerk, put the answer on the back.


Christmas Card from the Minimalist

Christmas Card Ideas - Cliff Hanger

Sometimes, the less you say the more you say. I’m pretty sure someone important said something like that once so no plagiarism intended. I like this card because, a. I made it and I have not one drop of humility (jk…but kind of not), and b. not only is it minimal it’s also a cliffhanger. Will the inside say Christmas? Is this even a Christmas card? Will the word inside also start with an ‘M’? NO ONE KNOWS!


Christmas Card from the Happily Single Lady

Christmas Card Ideas - Single Lady

In case I haven’t mentioned it lately, I’m single. My never-ending singledom is one of the main reasons why I’ve never really sent Christmas cards before, but this year I was thought, why am I letting this stop me? Just because I’m single doesn’t mean I can’t send an awesome Christmas card! The above is not the card I’m sending out, but it is an idea of what you can do to convey the message that, “Yeah, I’m single and I’m not sad about it!”


Christmas Card from the Jerk Who Live in the North but Who’s Family Lives in the South

Christmas Card Ideas - White Christmas

Every person that lives in the South knows what it feels like to watch all of the people in Christmas movies play in the snow and think, I wish it snowed here on Christmas. It rarely snows in Texas (and other Southern states, but let’s face it I’m usually always talking about Texan) and if it does we get like ten snowflakes and then a crap ton of ice. If you are a former Southerner that now lives in the North and experiences the beauty of a white Christmas every year and if you are also kind of a jerk who likes to rub things in your family’s face…this is the Christmas Card for you!


What are you putting on your DIY’d Christmas Card?


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