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Alright, ladies and gents. We are thisclose to Christmas (and Hannukah is basically or already over – whenever this post goes up!) and if you are like my wonderful fiance you probably have not purchased anything for the special someone(s) that make your life so awesome. SO, I’m raiding my Amazon, Etsy and general Internets wish lists for the best gifts that at the very least, I would like to be given.


Gifts for foodies/chefs/people who live in the kitchen like I do

Cookbooks – I’ve been eyeing a few stellar looking cookbooks this year so here they are in no particular order:
  1. Mastering the Art of French Cooking (Volumes 1 and 2) by Julia Child – who doesn’t love Julia Child? After reading My Life in France, I realized how essential Julia Child is for any aspiring cook. She really revolutionized the modern love for cooking for suburbia and she was just so charming. So gift the ultimate set of her classic books!
  2. The Food Lab: Better Home Cooking Through Science by J. Kenji López-Alt – López-Alt is the managing culinary director of which every foodie nerd should know about because its delicious food + science. This book has been blowing up on the webz and has amazing reviews. Plus it makes you look smarter in addition to cooking better. Win-win.
  3. Outlander Kitchen: The Official Outlander Companion Cookbook by Theresa Carle-Sanders – Alright, so this book doesn’t come out until June-of-freaking-2016, but it is available for pre-order obviously. I have loved the Outlander Kitchen blog since finding it early this year whilst in the throws of feeding my Outlander obsession and was SO EXCITED when she announced the book deal. Your Outlander lover will appreciate this book, trust me. And you’ll get yummy food once she gets the book!
Gadgets/Pretty Things
  1. Anything from Pioneer Woman’s new line – This was the pinnacle of gifting for my birthday this year, if anyone was wondering. I have like half of her line at this point! But honestly, the products are a good value and there is so much variety that you can’t go wrong. I LOVE the goblets, bowls, and even the Charlie cookie jar which currently houses some Trader Joe’s gingerbread dog cookies for my pups.

Gifts for Her

2. Nespresso Evoluo Machine – Ok, so this is a pricey gift but its beautiful and makes delicious coffee aka what most of us need to survive going to work everyday. Nespresso owners are like, an obsessed little cult so it must be legit, right? I love it in the Cherry Red because it matches my kitchen but they have it in other color options – I chose the Evoluo because it makes espresso and coffee but some of the machines are espresso only.

Gorgeous jewelry gifts that your nerdy BFFs need

  1. Anything from The Geeky Cauldron – I made the mistake of following this store on Instagram. I say mistake because I want to give creator Erin all of my hard-earned money because EVERYTHING she makes is perfect. Even better that she is from Omaha – MY hometown! This store has THE best Harry Potter accessories I have found (how about this Ultimate Wizard set?!), in addition to all of our other beloved fandoms like Doctor Who, and my one true love – The Walking Dead.  She also offers a Fandom of the Month club which will ship nerdy gifts for a monthly price. SIGN ME UP.Capture
  2. This inspirational Star Wars bracelet – Available from Etsy store Spiffing Jewelry, I love the simplicity of this bracelet and the classic Yoda quote. What Star Wars loving-lady wouldn’t want this? Capture2
  3. TARDIS Ring – If you want something that is a little less obviously nerdy, this is a good option. I love the Victorian feel to the ring and details are gorgeous. Plus it won’t break the bank – or mess with any wibbly wobbly timey wimey space stuff. Capture3

Random Fandom Gifts!

  1. Adult Coloring Books! – As my mother and fiance and pretty much all of my friends know, I have been NEEDING the Outlander coloring book. In my quest for locating this on Amazon, I stumbled across the Game of Thrones coloring book and the Harry Potter coloring book. You can also pre-order the Doctor Who coloring book, which is out in February! Make sure you buy them some crayons or colored pencils!

 outlander gift

2. The Exploding TARDIS Throw Blanket – This girl can never have enough blankets. So of course I would love a blanket  from one of my favorite episodes of my favorite shows – Vincent and the Doctor. Beautiful and cozy!


3. Han Solo Ice Cube Tray – Listen, I’ve seen variations of this for years now and I still don’t have one. WHY? Not only can you use it for ice cubes, but you can make CHOCOLATE HAN SOLO BARS with it.

Is there anything on your MUST HAVE list this year? Let us know in the comments! We are always looking for more gifting ideas (to gift ourselves usually…)

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