10 Great Lifetime Christmas Movies

Remember when I wrote that post about Hallmark Christmas Movies? Yeah, that one from like ten days ago. Well, this post is kind of like that, except with Lifetime Christmas Movies. That’s right, I don’t discriminate when it comes to Made-for-TV Holiday movies. Basically, if it is predictable, set at Christmas time, and makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside then I like it. Therefore, since I did a list for my favorite Hallmark Christmas Movies, I figured it was only fair to do one for my favorite Lifetime Christmas Movies.

10 Great Lifetime Christmas Movies


The Road to Christmas

Great Lifetime Christmas Movies - The Road to Christmas

Clark Gregg, Jennifer Grey, and Megan Park. I feel like just listing the cast should reasonably explain why The Road to Christmas made this list. In case it doesn’t, I’ll go ahead and tell you that despite the great cast, this movie is a feel-good misadventure that I enjoy watching year after year.


Crazy for Christmas

Great Lifetime Christmas Movies - Crazy for Christmas

I love anything that involves and eccentric rich person doing things that are completely out of the norm, and that is exactly what Crazy for Christmas is about. Trying to win back his long lost daughter, an eccentric billionaire hires a down-on-her-luck driver to drive him around on Christmas Eve while he gives away massive amounts of money. Nevermind that his driver is a single mom who wants to be spending time with her son on Christmas Eve. Can you see where this one is going? Yeah? Well, watch it anyways because it is super cute.


12 Men of Christmas

Great Lifetime Christmas Movies - 12 Men of Christmas

Basically, Kristin Chenoweth sets out to find 12 men for a Christmas calendar. Really, the man candy is reason enough to watch 12 Men of Christmas, but I like that Kristin Chenoweth is in it. She is always so fun and spunky.


Dear Santa

Great Lifetime Christmas Movies - Dear Santa

Dear Santa is one of those ‘spoiled rich girl finds the true meaning of life and Christmas’ movies. But, just because the story isn’t original (I mean are any of these stories original) doesn’t mean the movie won’t give you the feels. You can join Amy Akers’ Crystal Carruthers (I know that name, right?) as she find a little girl’s letter to Santa and sets off to find and help the girl with her Christmas wish.


A Very Merry Daughter of the Bride

Great Lifetime Christmas Movies - A Very Merry Daughter of the Bride

I love that in this movie it isn’t the young people getting married. This movie is all about finding love late in life and the adult children of parents who are getting married. So while still following the tried and true wedding theme, Lifetime mixes things up a bit by having a daughter plan her mother’s wedding to a guy she’s not so sure she wants her mom to marry…it’s all very exciting!


Holiday High School Reunion

Great Lifetime Christmas Movies - Holiday High School Reunion

I’m not really sure who has high school reunions during the holidays, but it kind of makes perfect sense. Really the holidays are the only time of year when most people are home visiting their family so if you plan a high school reunion during that time it stands to reason that either everyone will go out of convenience or be forced to go by meddling relatives. Honestly, the last thing I want to do during the holidays is go to a high school reunion, but that is the premise of Holiday High School Reunion (aptly named). Georgia Hunt heads to her reunion with the hopes of maybe reigniting the flame with her high school sweetheart, but obviously things do not go as planned.


The March Sisters at Christmas

Great Lifetime Christmas Movies - March Sisters at Christmas

Any Little Women fans in the house? I am definitely a Little Women fan, and will at length discuss the three different film adaptations. Yes, three. Everyone seems to always forget the technicolor adaptation starring June Allyson. Anyway, The March Sisters at Christmas is an updated, modern interpretation of the classic  Little Women story. Now, you may think that sounds terrible, but it actually works. The March Sisters come together to try and save their family home. If you are reading a list about Lifetime Christmas Movies then hopefully you already know that this is definitely not exactly like the novel, but you may not know that it is still a fun watch.


Twelve Trees of Christmas

Great Lifetime Christmas Movies - 12 Trees of Christmas

Maybe I just really like made-for-tv movies that have twelve in the title. But really though, The 12 Trees of Christmas is such an adorable movie. Basically, a community comes together to try and save their beloved local library from demolition. Fans of The Librarians and Sanctuary will also enjoy the cast as Lindy Booth and Robin Dunne take on two of the main characters.


Kristin’s Christmas Past

Great Lifetime Christmas Movies - Kristins Christmas Past

Time travel is not uncommon in Christmas movies, neither is the idea of trying to right your wrongs so that your future will turn out they way it is supposed to. That is pretty much the premise of Kristin’s Christmas Past. Shiri Appleby (who should be reason enough to watch) finds herself in her childhood bedroom on Christmas Eve 1996. Her younger self is there as well and together they try to figure out how to get Kristin home. Of course, Kristin also realizes that she has an opportunity to turn her life around before she makes some irreversible mistakes, but will she succeed?


Love at the Christmas Table

Great Lifetime Christmas Movies - Love at the Christmas Table

This is my absolute favorite of the Lifetime Christmas Movies I’ve listed here. When I first watched it I was a little on the fence, but now I’ve seen it approximately forty times and each time I love it even more. Danica McKellar and Dustin Milligan are Kat and Sam, childhood friends who have spent every Christmas Eve together and who are so obviously in love. Unfortunately, they are also really stubborn so it takes a lot of Christmas Eve’s at The Christmas Table to come to the conclusion that everyone around them has always known.



What are your favorite Lifetime Christmas Movies?


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