On The Fourth Day of Christmas Cocktail

Happy 4th Day of Holiday Cocktails! I decided that in the middle of our 25 Days of Christmas we would also participate in the Tipsy Blogger Circles 12 Days of Christmas Cocktail! To see Day 3 hop over to Shantel’s Blog to check out her quick and delish Holiday Sangria.

If you are familiar with the 12 Days of Christmas then you’ll know that the 4th day is Calling Birds (if you’re not familiar check out our post on the tradition here). Now, I initially thought it would be fun to come up with a drink that stuck with the Calling Bird theme, but then I realized that this is the 12 Days of Christmas Cocktail not 12 Days of Christmas Hangover Cures so I decided instead to put a holiday twist on a Christmas tradition. Well, it’s a tradition in my family at least.

12 Days of Christmas Cocktails - Christmas Morning Mimosa Bar

Christmas Morning Mimosa Bar

For this Christmas Morning Mimosa Bar, I’ve got three different mimosas and each one has it’s own holiday flare…ish. First up:


The Classic

You can not have a Mimosa Bar without a good old classic champagne and orange juice mimosa.

12 Days of Christmas Cocktail - Classic Mimosa




Orange Juice

Blueberries (optional)

Grenadine (optional)



3 Parts Champagne (or to your taste, I obviously like mine champagne heavy)

1 Part Orange Juice

A Dash of Grenadine (this is optional, my theory is if you are using fresh squeezed juice skip the Grenadine and use it if you are using juice from concentrate)

To make your Mimosa extra festive and Pinteresty you can throw some fresh fruit in, I chose Blueberries because antioxidants, but you can choose whichever fruit (if any) that floats your boat.

Stir, throw in a Christmas straw, and then opening stockings!


Morning Apple Cider

I drink hard cider year round, but in the winter apple cider just seems like a premium holiday drink! Of course, apple cider doesn’t really scream ‘morning libation’ to me so I’ve altered it a bit.

12 Days of Christmas Cocktail - Morning Apple Cider




Apple Cider or Hard Apple Cider (guess which one I went with)

Apple Juice

Apple Slice



2 Parts Champagne

1 Part Hard Apple Cider* (yeah, big shock. If you want a less alcoholic version just go with regular Apple Cider)

1 Part Apple Juice

Stir, top with an apple slice, and then open some presents.

*Hard Apple Cider Suggestions: Angry Orchard, Strongbow, or Woodchuck.


Christmas Cranberry

This mimosa is Christmasy and good for your digestive tract (well, that might be a stretch). I don’t particularly know why cranberries are associated with Christmas but they tend to be on a lot of Christmas trees so I thought I’d adapt this Christmas staple into a delightful morning beverage.

12 Days of Christmas Cocktail - Christmas Cranberry




Cranberry Juice





3 Parts Champagne

1 Part Cranberry Juice

A Dash of Grenadine (again if you are using super fresh juice maybe skip the Grenadine)

Stir, throw in some raspberries, cranberries, and/or blueberries, and then maybe eat some breakfast!


That’s pretty much it! With a few different juices, a healthy stash of champagne, and some fresh fruit you can have a fun, festive Christmas Morning Mimosa Bar!

Be sure to head back over to Shantel’s Blog tomorrow for The Fifth Day of Christmas Cocktail! Happy Drinking…I mean Holidays!

Tipsy Blogger Circle - 12 Days of Christmas Cocktail


What are your favorite Christmas Cocktails?


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