Last Minute Gift Ideas for $10 or Less

With Christmas just being days away there are so many last minute shoppers trying to find the right gifts or even just any gift for their friends and family. But when you have about seven different friends who just happen to plan a gift exchange without even telling you and you have a few extra cousins to plan for you just run out of ideas for gifts. What better than to get random little gifts that are easily found in your every day stores that won’t break the bank.

10 Last Minute Gift Ideas for $10 or Less

10 for 10: Last Minute Gift Ideas for $10 or Less

  1. Target’s $1-$3 section is the best stop for multiple gifts that are budget friendly. Not only will you find random bits and bobs but there is always something in that area that you never knew that you truly needed. An example of one of those items is Star Wars merch! Socks, folders, watches, notepads, toys, the list goes on and on of thins that will make great stocking stuffers or gift packages.
  2.  While we are on the subject of Target why not go further into the store and check out the Funko Pop! Figures, they range from $8-$10 and offer literally any little figure from any fandom you can think of.
  3. Going from Target lets make a trip to Walmart where they sell some of the cutest little Marvel comic cover canvas that are just $5 each!! Buy one or buy five and make a statement piece with all these little canvas you can make any Marvel fan happy.
  4. Also at Walmart you’ll find the classic Christmas section of the store full of gift baskets galore, within all the shampoo baskets and chocolate boxes there are little $10 and under gems like TMNT Lego sets, Star Wars mugs collections and more.
  5. Michael’s is the best craft store you can find around next to JoAnn’s the best things you can get there for under $10 are holiday craft sets, they can be for kids or adults no matter who gets the crafts just know that everyone can partake in them.
  6. For the movie freaks in your family Best Buy is the best place for you. They have a 10 and under section that will knock your socks off with different movies, TV shows, and specials.
  7. Gift Cards!!!!! When in doubt buy a gift card or two or maybe even three. If you don’t know what to get then just go for the quick fix of a gift card it’s inexpensive and less of a hassle. Perfect for those last minute, short notice gifts.
  8. For the Disney Lovers in your life you need to go to the Disney Store!! It’s literally the best in deals, prices, toys, gifts, flatware, anything and literally everything you can think of and more is at the Disney Store from a little under $10.
  9. Netflix and Hulu are great ways to watch TV shows and movies from home so why not buy a monthly pass for your best friend or even your dog, who wouldn’t love getting to watch Orange is the New Black.
  10. Last but not least if you want to really surprise someone on a budget then do something sweet and simple and that will mean the most to them. Take them out to lunch. Spend time with them, engage in meaningful conversation, really be present and use those $10 to buy them lunch and show them you care.


No matter what you end up doing this holiday season just remember gifts come in all different shapes and sizes it the thought that counts. So spend a very Merry Christmas and maybe Olaf will help you all spread cheer.


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What are your favorite spots to hit up for last minute gifts? Let us know in the comments!


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  • I’m a big fan of the Pop figurines! I’ve gotten them for numerous people for numerous occasions and it’s always been a hit! Great list! =)

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