A Very Merry Star Wars Christmas

On Day 2 of our 25 Days of Christmas I wrote about some really cool Star Wars Christmas sweaters, and then I got to thinking, there is a crap ton of Star Wars stuff available right now, maybe I should do a post about other Star Wars Christmas stuff. So, obviously that’s what I’m doing, because any chance to write about Star Wars is probably a chance that we are going to take. Also, I’m not seeing the new Star Wars movie until my mom is in town on Sunday so I’m just try to channel my excitement towards something productive.

 A Very Merry Star Wars Christmas

1. R2D2 Stocking from ThinkGeek

Ok, first things first. YES THE STOCKING MAKES R2 NOISES! I mean, that alone should be enough to buy this. Now, if it only responded to your frantic voice (a la C3PO) in sarcastic beeps…..


2. Star Wars Christmas Ornaments from Hallmark

You didn’t think Hallmark wouldn’t get in on all of the Star Wars action did you? Surely not. Well in the event that you did think they would miss this opportunity, breathe easy because they definitely have a great assortment of Star Wars Christmas Ornaments for even the nerdiest of Christmas Trees. My favorite is Darth Vader wearing an Ugly Christmas Sweater.


3. Yoda Santa Hat from Amazon

The spirit is with you this holiday season wearing the great Jedi master’s favorite Santa hat. What better way to show your true nerdy self during this holiday (yeah, I’d count the new Star Wars release as a holiday too!) than with this? Wear this hat you must!


4. Star Wars Advent Calendar from Target

I’m pretty sure most advent calendars, with the exception of those awesome beer and wine themed ones, are geared towards children. BUT clearly this one is for all ages. If you do have young kids, what better way to get your kids into the Star Wars madness by counting down until Christmas (and the premiere which is soclose!)?

5. Darth Vader Santa Cuff Links from JCPenney

I will admit, I don’t know anyone who would actually wear cuff links, like on the reg. But that doesn’t mean that these aren’t amazing. Having a December wedding? PERFECT REASON TO WEAR THESE. Hosting an epic Christmas party? THROW THESE BAD BOYS ON. I’m pretty sure the men in your life have these on their gift list somewhere….

6. At At Christmas Scarf from moonboutiqueshop

This is literally the cutest scarf I have ever seen. Forget puppies and polar bears on holiday-themed scarves, every lady (and some gents) wants this scarf. Heck, I WANT THIS SCARF and I don’t even wear them! Who thought AT-ATs could be cute and not just, you know, destructive all-terrain armored transports?

7. Star Wars Wrapping Paper from Big Lots

Obviously you will need wrapping paper for gifts 1-6 of your Star Wars Christmas list, so why not keep with the theme? Star Wars wrapping paper is clearly the way to go – we found some great ones at Big Lots but Target has some as well!


8. Star Wars Socks from Stance

Y’all, everyone NEEDS socks. Its like the quintessential gift from your grandparents. This year give them a hint that you actual need these Star Wars socks! Or buy them for yourself. No one will judge you. And, look, I know that these aren’t actually Christmas socks, but they are awesome so they are on the list!


9. Illustrated Star Wars Christmas Card from designcorner

These Christmas Cards are hilarious and necessary! I can’t think of a better way to say Happy Holidays than with a card featuring Darth Vader as Father Christmas! Also, if you’ve been thinking that Princess Leia’s famous hair-do needed an update, well then here you go!


10. Star Wars Wrapped Tee from Kohl’s

We love this adorable tee with R2 wrapped up like a present. I mean, we’d love even more if we actually were gifted R2 all wrapped up but sometimes you have to settle for the next best thing.


What are your favorite Star Wars Christmas items that you’ve seen this year?


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