Highly Specific & Slightly Random Holiday Traditions

If you remember back in October when I posted about my family’s Halloween Traditions then you will know that all of our traditions are really specific and kind of out of the ordinary. Well, that isn’t exclusive to Halloween. Pretty much all of my family traditions are pretty  specific and weird, and Christmas might have the most random of them all…maybe…actually, probably not. How about I just go ahead and tell you about my favorite Holiday traditions.

Michelle’s Favorite Holiday Traditions

Potato Soup & Homemade Pizzas

Holiday Traditions - Potato Soup and Homemade Pizza

For the longest time it was our family tradition to have potato soup on Christmas Eve. Why potato soup? No one knows, but it is what we did until about three years ago. I have two adorable nieces (that, you know, I’ve never mentioned before) and a few years ago we thought it would be fun to start a Christmas Eve tradition that they could be apart of which translated into Homemade Pizza. My brothers and dad swear our Christmas Eve pizza is the best pizza they have ever had.


Watching Meet Me in St. Louis on Christmas Eve

Holiday Traditions - Meet Me In St Louis

This is mostly just specific to me, but every Christmas Eve while we stuff stockings I force my mother to watch Meet Me in St. Louis. Every year. She loves the movie, but I think I’ve worn her out by insisting that it isn’t Christmas until we’ve watched this movie. I also have several other movies that I try to force her to watch on Christmas Eve and you can see more of them here, but Meet Me in St. Louis is a MUST!


Midnight Mass at 6pm

Holiday Traditions - Midnight Mass at 6pm

First of all, we don’t actually go to mass as we are not Catholic and we haven’t gone to the Episcopal church in forever. Technically though I was raised have Episcopal and half Methodist or as I like to call a Methopalian, and for a long time we went to midnight mass at the Episcopal church in town. However, as we’ve all gotten older (and by we I mean my parents because I’m usually still awake every night until midnight or 1 am) we started to go to church earlier in the evening, and the last couple of years we’ve gone to the earliest Christmas Eve service that typically starts at 6pm. Thankfully, it gets dark that early in December so the candlelight part of the candlelight service is still wonderful and beautiful!


Crayola Hallmark Christmas Ornaments

Holiday Traditions - Crayola Hallmark Ornaments

I probably don’t need to say this, but my mom and I are really into Christmas. Yeah, I know that’s probably super obvious by now, but I feel that in order to explain this tradition you just fully need to understand how much we love Christmas. This tradition started long before I was aware of it, as in when I was an infant. Every year we buy several new ornaments for our tree (usually an ornament that has to do with either something we did or a movie we saw during that year), but one constant is the Hallmark Crayola Ornaments. For every year that I’ve been alive (28 years) we have a Hallmark Crayola Ornament. Yeah, we could have a whole Crayola-themed Christmas tree, we don’t, but we definitely could.



Holiday Traditions - Friendsmas

Friendsmas is a new tradition for me. For the last two years some friends from work and I gather at someone’s house and drink spiked Hot Chocolate, eat pizza (apparently pizza is really a Christmas thing in my life), and watch “Christmas Movies”. I put Christmas Movies in quotations because this year we watched Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and we are still unsure whether or not that counts as a Christmas Movie. Anyway, I am a firm believer that instead of doing gifts for your group of friends it is better and more meaningful to set aside a night, get together, and just spend time with each other.

What are your Holiday Traditions? Let me know in the comments…we can talk about how weird our families are!

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