DIY Christmas Crown from Dear Llweyn

DIY Christmas Floral crowns are super easy to wear and beautiful regardless of the occasion. With flowers for every season, you can create a a stunning headpiece complete with tons of compliments. Since it’s the holidays I thought I’d create a DIY Christmas Crown to wear all week, especially since there are still holiday parties to attend.

This crown was inexpensive ($20) and took about 45 minutes to make. You’ll have extra of almost everything so you can make quite a few crowns, maybe even one for each holiday party!

DIY Christmas Crown from Dear Llewyn


DIY Christmas Crown: A Tutorial

DIY Christmas Crown - Supplies

Supplies needed are:

Grapevine wire
Floral tape
Flowers (real or fake)
Floral wire


Step One:

Create your headband out of the grapevine wire. Measure the grapevine wire around your head until you get a comfortable fit, but add an extra inch as you’ll need to tie the ends together.

Step Two:

Create little boutineers out of your favorite plants. I bought a whole bag of pine and white pine from a local nursery for $4 total, faux florals from Hobby Lobby, and used some of the branches from the pine tree. However, you can use anything you want such as holly or berries. Wrap the ends of each bundle in floral tape.

FullSizeRender (9)


Step Three:

Cut the floral wire into five inch segments. I created nine bundles so I cut nine pieces of wire, but the amount of bundles/wire you’ll use will differ per person.

DIY Christmas Crown - Bundles


Step Four:

Using the floral wire, wrap each bundle to the grapevine wire. Be sure to wrap tightly so that each bundle is secure.

Step Five:



FullSizeRender (11)


To see Cornellia’s original post and more awesome stories and photography (she travels a lot)  head over to her blog Dear Llewyn. Also, follow her on social media. Since I see her on the daily I know that she is a super cool person with a really great Instagram account! – Michelle


Where would you wear your DIY Christmas Crown? Also, if you have a fun holiday DIY share a alink in the comments so we can check it out!


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