International Merry Christmas

I thought it would be fun to explore how people around the world say Merry Christmas! Now, keep in mind that I used the internet to find these. I did try to verify all of them with multiple sources, but if any of them are wrong I apologize (and please let me know so I can fix them, because I don’t want something wrong floating around the ultra reliable internet). I hope you enjoy!


An International Merry Christmas


Oh but wait, there’s more! I found a website that had Merry Christmas in Sci-Fi languages. Again, I have no idea if these are correct or not, but either way I think it’s pretty fun. This is the website I found them on if you are curious.



What are some other ways to say Merry Christmas in non-English languages? Let me know in the comments, and also have a Merry Christmas or Happy Holiday if Christmas isn’t your thing!

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