DVD Review & Giveaway: LEGO Star Wars Droid Tales

Your Favorite Star Wars Heroes are Back with Five Complete Episodes that Unleash the Lighter Side of the Force in LEGO® STAR WARS: Droid Tales!

The above is the first thing in the email I received asking if I wanted to review LEGO Star Wars Droid Tales. I decided to include it in this review for two reasons. The first is because I had no idea this even existed until I opened the email, and the second is because I think it accurately sums up LEGO Star Wars Droid Tales in one sentence. I always forget how much I enjoy LEGO entertainment, and watching Droid Tales was no different. I wasn’t expecting to really love it and then, of course, I did.

LEGO Star Wars Droid Tales Yoda

The mini-series basically retells the epic Star Wars tale told throughout the first 6 episodes, but it is enhance with that special LEGO humor that we all fell in love with while watching The LEGO Movie. Every familiar scene is new and exciting as nearly immobile LEGO Star Wars characters try to act out the story while quipping about things that exist outside of the Star Wars universe. My favorite of these is when LEGO Lando says to the Imperials that he was unknowingly working for, “Your online ad was very misleading.” Each episode is chalk full of these fun little tidbits and I thoroughly enjoyed watching the shows.



Contains a ton of fun little jokes, and watching LEGO people do anything is always entertaining. Also, you will recognize the story which I found rather enjoyable.


It follows the same story line as the existing Star Wars films? I don’t really know if I count that as a con, but someone might. I feel like they have jazzed it up enough and thrown in enough jokes that it is different enough.

Is LEGO Star Wars Droid Tales Worth Spending Purchasing?

This is not something that I would have purchased for myself, however after watching it I am confident in saying that Star Wars fans young and old will enjoy this fun take on the existing films. So, yes.




LEGO Star Wars Droid Tales Trailer


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Now, I know what you are thinking, why is this a double giveaway? Well, remember like a week or so ago when I reviewed the Home Video release of Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur? Yes? Good. I kind of forgot to mention that they sent me two digital copies to give away. So, when they sent me two copies of Droid Tales to give away I thought it would be fun to do a big Double Giveaway! Yay!


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2 Responses to “DVD Review & Giveaway: LEGO Star Wars Droid Tales

  • I swear to god, I thought I was the only functioning adult that watched Lego Star Wars The Yoda Chronicles and Droid Tales on Cartoon Network. Yoda Chronicles featured a Jay-Z reference. After Episodes I-III, and with no news of any future sequels I leaned hard into animated Star Wars, and actually prefer Animated Clone Wars to almost all the movies.

    • They’ve done a great job with all of the animated series! I haven’t seen The Yoda Chronicles but you are not alone in liking the cartoons!!

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