Elevenses: Popsicle Pool Float & Me Before You

Well it’s May. Yeah, I know, crazy. I feel like only yesterday it was December and now we’re almost halfway through the year. And, what a year it has turned out to be. If your life has been as busy as mine then I figure you probably need this mid-week break as much as I needed to write it. So buckle up because this ride is full of podcast recommendations, a pool float to put all pool floats to shame, and my ever present ridiculous commentary.


Is this true? No idea (ie probably not). Am I really really really hoping that it is? Yes!

Me Before You hits theaters on June 3rd, do yourself a favor and read the book. Stat! So good!

Me Before You - pool float - elevenses

Did you know that you can buy WINE on Amazon? Until a week ago, I did not! Life. Changed.

This randomly showed up in my Facebook newsfeed and I flatlined…#truths

I don’t have a pool, but I’m still super tempted to order this pool float.

Why, yes, you should make these and eat them while floating on the aforementioned pool float.

Discovered a new app that I’ve actually used to keep To-Do Lists.

Now that you know you can order wine on Amazon, you’ll need something to do with all those empty bottles. Modpodge Rocks got you!

Perhaps it is because summer is just around the corner, or maybe I’ve just got a bit of wanderlust, but I’m obsessed with World of Wanderlust’s The Best of Paris.

Have you heard of Rose Buddies? Do you watch The Bachelor? If you answered anything to those questions then go check out this podcast episode of Rose Buddies about the Australian dating show Please Marry My Boy.

Because, necessary.


So, what are you geeking out over this week? If it’s a popsicle pool float, then we might be soul mates, just saying.


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