App Review: Nerd Out

When Elle from Your Friend Elle reached out and asked if we would review the Nerd Out App, I quickly responded, “Yes, definitely”. Truthfully, I’ve had plans to write a review of the Nerd Out App on my to-write list for a while now and am happy to have the motivation. Yay for being a procrastinator!

Quickly, I’m going to do this disclaimer thing. Outside of Elle asking if we would write up a review, there isn’t anything to disclaim. We aren’t being compensated for this review, and the opinions stated are definitely my own. I’m excited to help a fellow Female Geek Blogger get the word out about this awesome app she created!

What is Nerd Out App? It is an app that let’s you know all of the nerdy events happening near you or in surrounding areas. If you have ever scoured the internet looking for information on cons or local game stores with open play then you will know how exciting the advent of this app really is. I cannot tell you how much time I’ve spent visiting multiple Facebook pages and websites trying to find nerd events happening in DFW. The Nerd Out App basically compiles all of that information into one location.

Nerd Out Main Menu

The Nerd Out App is a great app that works seamlessly; I haven’t had any problems with crashing or bugs. It allows you to check out events near you with one quick tap. You can also connect with other nerds, add events to your favorites, and submit events.

One of my favorite features is the location search. Let’s pretend you have free time on a Thursday and want to check out a nerdy place near you. Click on the places option and you can see a list of places in your area. Once you select a location you can see hours of operation, location, and upcoming events.

Nerd Out Events Page

All in all, the app is full of great features and is constantly growing. It isn’t currently available for all cities, but most of the larger metropolitan areas are covered. I expect that Elle and her team will continue to roll out functionality as


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Have you used Nerd Out App? If so, what is your favorite feature?


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